Protect Email Account With Eavesdropping Alerts

Protect Email Account With Eavesdropping Alerts

August 26, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

With email account eavesdropping alerts, you will know if a client’s (recipient’s) email is being unknowingly read by a nefarious party.

If you’ve gone to see a summer movie since, well, ever, you know that sequels are pretty much a staple. Just this summer, we saw Tom Cruise reprise his role as fighter pilot, Maverick, in a sequel of the same name. And if you think sequels are just a lazy way for Hollywood to fill the time (and screens), consider that Top Gun: Maverick has grossed over $2.2 billion globally.

So, in this vein, we’d like to put out a sequel of our own. Earlier this month in Tech Essentials, we spoke about how RMail’s AI enhancements are more in line with PRE-Crime detection vs. e-security risk mitigation. If you recall, “Precrime” is a concept from Philip K. Dick’s 1956 sci-fi short story, “The Minority Report.” The 2002 movie based on it is the name of a future police agency tasked with identifying people who will commit crimes in the very near future—before they actually happen. (Coincidentally, this movie also starred Tom Cruise.)

RMail AI now has features are essentially a customer’s very own PRE-Crime-fighting agency. RMail’s elegantly easy email encryption services provide a foundation of email security – for risk management and compliance. However, PRE-Crime is different, as it has components designed to alert the sender and their administrator of potential e-crimes in progress—before they actually happen.

And who will benefit from this advanced technology ripped right out of the future? How about lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, real estate-title-escrow, HR professionals – well, really, pretty much anyone who sends email of financial consequence.

Some important components of RMail’s PRE-Crime service are:

  • Lookalike domain detector – alerts sender after they click forward, reply or reply all, before the email is sent, if one of the domains in their recipient list is likely a malicious lookalike domain similar to one of their contacts;
  • Reply-to re-route detector – alerts the sender after they click reply, before they send, if they are about to reply to an email that would otherwise be (invisibly) routed to a cybercriminal; and
  • Fake forward email detector – alerts the sender after they click forward, before they send, if they are about to send along to other staff or colleague unknowingly, an email designed to trigger a mis-wire or fake invoice payment.

But this one is my personal favorite: Email account eavesdropping alerts. With this feature, you will get alerts if an email to a client is being unknowingly read by a nefarious party. Put another way: if an email someone sends is being eavesdropped on; mainly due to an unknown security issue with the recipient’s email account, you will be alerted.

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Essentially, we’ve extended the sender’s ability to secure email to include the identity of e-crimes in progress at the recipient. How is this possible? 20+ years of singular focus on email security!

Imagine that every time you email your client, you are (with RMail) essentially learning if their account is at risk so you can save yourself and your trusted client. This is really a must-have for any businessperson sending important email to clients.

Please contact us to discuss how you can get started fighting PRE-Crime with RMail.