The Gold Standard in Privacy & Compliance, Since 2000

RMail specializes in email privacy & compliance with its top-rated email encryption, auditable proof of fact of GDPR and HIPAA privacy compliance, and certified e-delivery services. Easy for the sender, easy for the recipient.

Encryption, Automated

RMail automatically detects the best method of delivery to each recipient to provide the simplest user experience without the need to register or click links to retrieve an email message.

RMail AI engine automatically encrypts messages based on message content or structure, for example to detect fund transfer or personally identifiable information.


SMARTR™ Encryption

Dynamically adapting encrypted email ensures elegantly easy; simple for recipient means happy sender. Far beyond opportunistic TLS, RMail encrypted email service smartly adapts to provide peace-of-mind with end-to-end encryption, secure file sharing, auditable proof of fact of GDPR and HIPAA privacy compliance, email thread security monitoring, and more.


Without RMail, at least 1 in every 10 emails sent using Gmail and Outlook go out unencrypted, without the sender’s knowledge.

*Source: Google Transparency Report

Transmission Preferred

RMail’s default settings first attempt transmission level encryption at the minimum sender-acceptable security level and deliver the encrypted email right to the recipient’s inbox, offering the same familiar user experience as a normal email - without any logins, links, or need to create an account.


  • Banner adds confidence for the receiver that the information was shared securely
  • Familiar user experience
  • No logins, links, portals or need to create an account
  • Option for recipients to reply encrypted
  • Option to attach up to 200MB of files securely in the reply

Message Level Encryption

RMail dynamic encryption engine detects whether the recipient’s server is able to receive the email at the minimum sender-acceptable security level and, if not, automatically reverts to message level encryption, wrapping the email and any attachments inside AES-256-bit encrypted PDF package, delivered into the recipient’s inbox, with automated decryption password management.

Or, a sender can opt to automate or per message force Message Level encryption into the recipients inbox.


  • Message and attachments remain encrypted-at-rest in the recipient’s inbox
  • Familiar and easy PDF user experience for reader
  • Email and attachments open in any browser or PDF reader
  • No content stored in third-party servers, no complex portal logins for readers
  • Digitally signed, integrity visible in the PDF reader
  • Attachments are embedded inside the encrypted PDF, and also accessible with a button

Registered Encryption™

In today's digital landscape, a secure and compliant email system is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. For years, RMail's Registered Encryption™ has been providing more than just encrypted emails; it offers a court-admissible receipt that serves as your digital seal of trust.

  • Forensic-Level Details: Receive a comprehensive receipt that includes timestamps, encryption mechanisms, and protocols for each recipient.
  • Court-Admissible Proof: The receipt provides an audit trail for compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, safeguarding the sender organization against claims of data breaches. This proof is a principal component of GDPR (GDPR Article 5 Clause 1(f) and 2, and Article 32 Clause 1(a) and 1(d)), focusing on the requirement to protect personal data during transmission. It also serves as an important risk mitigator for HIPAA and other regulatory rule compliance audit evidence.
  • Multi-Recipient Support: Whether you're sending to one person or a hundred, Registered Encryption™ ensures that you have detailed records for each recipient's encryption status.

Secure Reply

Each sent email message includes a one-click option for the recipient to reply and upload up to 200 MB of attachments per reply, so they return to the sender using the same email encryption method as the original sent email message.


Secure Large File Transfer

Senders can easily attach and track up to 1GB of files right from inside the Outlook compose window -- or any of the RMail web applications.

With RMail, senders can send large files securely to any recipient with encryption and configurable self-purging options (from 1 to 90 days) through a secure web container that eliminates the risk of download recipients being able to see sender's cloud storage file structure.

With RMail, IT admins have peace-of-mind that documents are not lingering in online folders waiting for a cybercriminal to find them.