Legal Proof®

Email Content Delivered

Gain insights of the overall journey of your email, how popular, who read what when, and receive forensic certified proof.

Registered Receipt™

Certified Email Track & Prove

All RMail® messages are sent as Registered Email™ messages, either visibly marked as such or unmarked, and return a Registered Receipt™ email record to the sender that serves as legal and verifiable proof of email opening, successful delivery, message and attachment content, and official timestamps sent and received. The recipient does not need to take any action, click links, or have any special software or logins.

Durable, Verifiable, Self-Contained

The returned Registered Receipt™ is a durable, verifiable, and self-contained record of each email transmission. The receipt’s HTML file may be used by any party to authenticate the transmission data and reconstruct the original email content – without requiring any third-party system to store a copy of the message or transmission data.


Receipt Authentication


The Registered Receipt™ e-mail authenticates and accurately reproduces the original e-mail and attachments, including any attached disclosures, which satisfies the E-Sign Act’s retention and accurate reproduction requirements, EIDAS requirements, and other country and regulatory proof of delivery and proof of receipt requirements.


Developers may build the patented RMail Registered Email™ service into their applications using email routing rules or the RMail REST API; and may retrieve the message delivery status and Registered Receipt™ proof records via email routing rules or REST API.


Active Tracker™

Senders can now gain insights into the popularity of their email and the amazing journey their message takes as it is forwarded along.


Registered Encryption™

The Registered Encryption™ enhancement can be used together with the Registered Receipt™ for proof-of-fact of end-to end encryption.



In addition to tracking and proving content and message delivered and providing proof-of-fact of end-to-end encryption, RMail also allows users to track and prove that the recipient has read a specific part of an email, like an important clause of a contract.

Senders can tag particularly sensitive parts of their message such that evidence is provided that the information has been viewed by the recipient together with the RMail Registered Receipt™ email record.

This allows users to send Lien Notices, Notices of Abandonment, and other legal communications over email in a secure, authenticatable, court-admissible, and compliant manner.