Human Error Prevention & DLP

RMail Recommends™ service uses predictive technologies at the point of sending in the compose email interface to automate recommendations or requirements for users to encrypt, send Registered Email™ messages, or send for e-signature.

RMail Recommends™

Personalized Secure Email Recommendations

RMail automatically sensitizes users to the need to treat certain email with special care; and then transforms the message with specialized security in mind. This is true DLP in-the-desktop, no server settings or routings needed. For the sender, it’s just like sending any other email. For IT admins, it’s peace-of-mind with pure email security and compliance bliss.

In-the-Moment Training & Awareness

RMail Recommends™ acts as a personal email security assistant, helping the sender to pause and contemplate the recommendation. This way, RMail not only prevents data loss, but also empowers your people with in-context automated e-security training and awareness.


Cure Human Blindspots:
See Cybercriminal Lures

Right Recipient™: Lookalike Domain™ Detector

This feature uses advanced algorithms at the point of sending sensitive emails to help senders make sure they don’t mistakenly misaddress their content. After an email is deemed important enough to send in a special RMail way, RMail presents the full email address of each recipient to make it easy for senders to re-verify that they are about to send the right message to the right recipient. And, if RMail identifies any cybercriminal trickery in the email addresses, such as clever domain misspells or tricky message header reply-to pivots, it instantly alerts the sender.


Right Recipient™: Reply Hijack™ Alerts

This feature will alert senders after the hook is in, before the steal, in-the-moment of replying or forwarding a message, if RMail detects a message will pivot from who the sender believes the message will route to.

This, combined with the utilization of impostor domains, is one of the more sophisticated ways in which cybercriminals hijack a thread, and one of the first steps towards wire fraud.



  • Prevent wire fraud and paying impostor invoices
  • Automate compliance
  • Boost user adoption
  • Provide non-intrusive, in-context user training
  • Prevent human e-security errors
  • Prevent costly data loss that can lead to falling out of compliance and litigation
  • Protect your content for the future life of the thread


Global average total cost of a data breach.*

*Source: Deloitte, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021

Redact+: Protect-the-Thread™ With Message Level DLP

Senders are now empowered to ensure that certain content of an email– like payment details, negotiated terms, or other sensitive content – is redacted from the message body. It protects the sender by cleansing the email thread of sensitive content regardless of how a recipient replies or who they forward the message to.

With CRM email templates, this feature can be utilized to automatically redact prepopulated sensitive content and make it expire after a number of views or on a timer.


Double Blind CC™ & Private SideNote®

In the normal process of sending an email, senders can address a private SideNote® message to selected recipients, which appears in the top of the email, to provide further context to those readers as the sender deems needed. When used in combination with Disappearing Ink™, that note can be set to disappear after read, without any trace.

Redact+ and Double Blind CC™

Senders can redact addresses in the To/Cc fields, such that recipients in Bcc can see who was copied but cannot inadvertently reply to all. This way, RMail helps prevent the risk of Bcc recipients exposing that they were copied, or mistakenly reply all with information only meant for the sender.