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How to Send Encrypted Email Messages & Attachments?

RMail® enables senders to send Registered Email™ messages encrypted, dynamically adjusting to the right levels of email encryption…

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How to Prepare & Send Documents for Electronic Signature?

With RSign, preparing a document for electronic signature is as easy as uploading the document…

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How to Get Registered Receipt™ Email Proof of Delivery Record?

For each Registered Email™ message sent, the sender and/or their organization is returned a Registered Receipt™ email proof of delivery record…

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Is RMail & RSign are Legal?

Read Electronic Signature laws and legality, Email Proof of Delivery and legality, Privacy Compliance and legality…

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How to Automate Your Workflows Using Electronic Signature?

RSign® and RMail® include a variety of e-sign services with almost infinite combinations of features and configurable settings…

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What is Digital Seal Timestamps?

The Digital Seal® email authentication service provides the recipient with proof of original time of transmission of an email…

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