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Electronic Signature to Automate Your Workflows

RSign® and RMail® include a variety of eSign services with almost infinite combinations of features and configurable settings. Whether a document needs a simple approval or there is a complex set of forms, security requirements and rules, RSign and RMail eSignature solutions will fit to your situations and will automate your workflows.

Six common RSign and RMail eSignature services are summarized below. Contact us to help guide you to the best set of eSign services and features for your specific requirements.


RSign is a feature-rich, affordable web and API driven eSignature platform. RSign includes every eSign feature ever imagined.

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RSign Extranet

RSign Extranet creates a secure network among business partners to simplify privacy, administration, and delegation of high volumes of eSign requests.

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RForms makes it easy to convert any form into a web form template with a static URL to post on websites, portals or bulk email for guided form fill, eSign, with options to backfill form data into a CRM.

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RMail E-Paper

RMail E-Paper eSignatures are the most convenient way to send for eSign. Simply attach any document to email from any email program and send. The document auto-converts to an eSign ready form and allows the signer to script their name and annotate the document from any web browser.

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RMail Tags

RMail Tags eSignatures lets you save a text tag in any document so when you send it for eSign, RMail auto-converts it into a guided eSign process letting the signer eSign with a few clicks in a web browser touchpad.

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RMail One-Click

RMail One-Click is the easiest way to record consent or acceptance on content in an email or document. Attach to email and send. The receiver can one-click in the email to record acceptance. Sender gets a stamped eSign approval record. No need for web browsers.

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RSign and RMail APIs make it easy to send content from a business application and pre-fill certain fields in a form template, obtain recipient form field content and eSignatures, and inject the message delivery tracking, eSign status, audit proof record, and eSigned contract back into the business application. RSign API’s can also extract certain recipient form field content and back-fill this content into mapped business application fields.

RSign and RMail eSignatures have been used for nearly two decades in more than 90 countries worldwide by governments and businesses of all sizes.

For more guidance as to which RSign or RMail eSign services and features are best suited for your workflow or integration, contact a specialist by clicking the “Get Started” button below and select the Request Product Integration Information option in the dropdown.