Targeted Attack Pre-Emption™

RMail’s PRE-Crime™ module is designed to prevent, detect and disarm wire fraud attacks targeting you at your own email account, and even at your clients’. Extend peace-of-mind beyond your organization to your entire network of email recipients including their reply and forward recipients.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the leading causes of wire fraud, one of the most financially damaging vectors of cybercrime. This sophisticated, socially-engineered scam targets businesses conducting legitimate invoice, escrow, redemption, and other fund transfers, aiming at diverting payment to fraudulent bank accounts.

While some cybersecurity solutions help protect organizations from miswiring their own funds, they remain exposed to scenarios where it’s their clients falling for these scams.

RMail PRE-Crime™ module harmoniously extends your existing email security systems, adding elegantly-easy encryption, unique BEC targeted attack detection, and more, with AI to extend DLP automation.

Anatomy of a Cybercrime

Eavesdropping™ Notifications

If RMail Active Tracker™ technology identifies unusual activity patterns, RMail generates an Eavesdropping™ Alert.

BEC lures start with cybercriminals targeting their victims by eavesdropping on email from sender to recipient, to siphon off email, analyze it, copy it with slight modifications (e.g., payment instructions), and then pivot replies so they route in a loop back to the cybercriminal.

With Email Eavesdropping™ alerts, every email sent out of the organization has every activity associated with it analyzed forensically, for a period of time. These alerts include all the email forensics so that IT security specialist can validate and take immediate action, before the cybercriminal lures users into mis-wiring money to the criminal’s bank.


Aggregate Eavesdropping Heartbeat™ Monitor

The IT Admin or MSP in charge of e-security receives a daily snapshot of all activity. This aggregate report provides them peace-of-mind that there are activities abound forensically monitoring all outbound email along each message’s journey to the recipient and beyond.

IT Admins or MSPs can swiftly investigate further if they see any high alerts or unusual activity across all users, all domains, and all companies that they manage or monitor security for.

MSPs can offer to become real-time eavesdropping monitors for their clients, using these reports and their related alerts.


Sender-Authenticated Invoices

Senders can be proactive with secure sending. RMail Digital Seal® authentication makes it easy for a recipient to verify origin and authorship of an email (for example, an email carrying an invoice) and re-create an authenticated copy of the original message content instantly. This empowers the recipient of the invoice to verify authenticity of payment information in real-time, anytime, before paying.