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April 10, 2020 / in Blog, Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

American-Hearted-Mike Trapped in London & Your Web Video Personality

We thought we would share some work-from-home tech tips recorded by readers of Tech Essentials in the spirit of today’s crisis mindset, which is bringing out the best of people – businesses helping businesses and friends helping friends.

Caution. These three home videos were shot from the home of a business professional – interesting in this new world of video meetings how people are starting to express their personality with their hats and casual clothing styles — and what they (deliberately) are sharing of their room furnishings. We say “caution” not because you will see something scandalous in these home videos (at least in our opinion), but that in this new reality of video meetings, you will be (whether you like it or not) subconsciously expressed by your video meeting background. White wall, lack of personality. Clutter, lack of focus. Elk head on wall, not vegan friendly.

Our favorite Tech Essentials reader for today is Mike, who we call an American heart trapped in London – at least that is what we gleaned from his British accent combined with American-style baseball cap and big American Flag hailing as a backdrop.

American-hearted Mike shares his work-from-home tips in four home recorded (and very well done, by-the-way) minute-long videos for quick and easy eSigning, sending encrypted email in the simplest way possible, sending encrypted email from any mobile phone browser, and sending encrypted with extra passwords to remain private from prying eyes of email and archive admins. (All of the tools to do this are free today through RPost’s eSign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Program.)

We hope you enjoy these tips. If you have videos of your work-from-home tech tips, send us a note (contact us), and we might just share it. If you would like to connect with American-hearted Mike, you can connect to one of his posts on LinkedIn. You can also reach out to Mike’s tech company, which is part of RPost’s WFH coalition here.

Get started today with free access to RPost’s eSign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Program.

Getting through this health and economic crisis will be one of world’s finest moments with everyone truly working together.