Leverage the Benefits of Secure Email and E-Signatures

Leverage the Benefits of Secure Email and eSignatures

November 13, 2020 / in Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Are We Still in an Interconnected World? Apple’s Big Sur Sure Made Us Aware

Are we still living in an interconnected world? There is now talk of more isolation — that is unless you have your COVID immunity passport (as we discussed in our article “The “New” Haves and Have Nots”). While travel may become less interconnected, from a data transmission perspective (virtual meetings and e-business systems), we are certainly becoming more and more connected.

Yesterday’s Apple OS update (“Big Sur”) shows just how connected we all are to our core operating system and software providers. Apple heavily promoted this OS update over the last few months, and yesterday was the big day of the release. The problem was that they stoked so much anticipation and demand that by mid-morning yesterday reports of failed downloads proliferated all around the world. In some cases, users had to revert their machines to older, backed-up versions of their OS, a process which can take hours (oops!). This was a horrifying incident for those Apple loyalists who believe Apple can do no harm. For Microsoft users, we’ve been accustomed to the annoyance of waking up in the morning only to learn Microsoft snuck into our bedrooms and quietly updated our computers in the middle of the night, closing all half-worked open files and programs, and erasing all our reminders and data not set to auto-save (ugh!).

We heard from one of our COO panelists at yesterday’s Optimize! InsurTech webinar that she had one eSign service that came “interconnected” with their Vertafore insurance agency management system, and it somehow forced its use for a specific type of document (ugh!). But what she reported was enlightening for many in the audience. Even though they had something “integrated”, it was worth one extra click to use RSign for eSignatures as well. Meaning, yes, what is integrated may need to be used for certain things, but one extra click with something not natively embedded may bring wonders of simplicity from a broader perspective – for senders and their interconnected recipients. Driscoll & Driscoll standardized on RSign all eSign needs other than the one they are forced to do by their platform for a specific document.

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We also have heard from lawyers, insurance companies, bankers, investors, government regulators, realtors, and many other expert and operations panelists at recent Optimize! Interactive webinars who reported their “love” for RMail email encryption and RSign. You don’t often hear customers using such strong affinity language, but when they do, they really mean it. As Jon McNally, Director of Information Technology of California-based Dibuduo & Defendis Insurance Brokers elegantly stated, “We saw so many benefits for our agency as far as RMail secure email and RSign eSignatures…The support staff was great in helping us really get going. They [clients] sign it; we would get it back. Good to go. Done. Our agents really love it.”

Despite Microsoft Office 365 making available basic anti-virus and anti-spam programs, an ecosystem of third-party anti-virus and anti-spam services thrive. With Microsoft Office 365 trying to “check the box” with a very basic and clunky email encryption option, RMail “Registered” email encryption thrives — for those who need email encryption that will in fact need to be used — that is simple enough for senders and recipients. RMail takes an extra click to install once into Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, but that extra click is well worth it. As Branden Haines, CTO at Dickinson Law put it, their users — even the senior-level attorneys — want to use RMail. “The RMail and RSign feedback has been great. Everyone wants to use these products. The senior-level attorneys are always going to use RPost if they send anything out.” One extra click, well worth it.

Tech Essentials does believe if the “best” can also be “integrated”, it can make for a better interconnected world. Over the next several articles, we will share stories with platforms that have chosen to now integrate the best service with the most elegant user experience, feature-richness, and in today’s business climate, importantly, most affordable. (You guessed it: RMail e-security and RSign eSignatures!)

We’ll profile companies like OpenText’s legal document management platform, E-Docs’ plan to integrate RMail and RSign, Vertafore insurance agency management platform’s plan to integrate RSign more tightly, Symfact contract lifecycle management’s plan to add RSign® and Registered Email™ services integrated, plus new enhancements to RPost’s integrated experiences for Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce.com, Xerox, and more.

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Even though we’re living in a more “data-based” interconnected world, don’t settle for less (i.e., what just so happens to be already integrated) but rather, fight for your right to get the best, your top choice, integrated into the platforms that you live in today.

P.S. CLICK HERE to let us know if you would like to be the first to learn more about RMail and RSign integrations for DocsCorp PDFdocs and cleanDocs, OpenText E-Docs, Symfact CLM, Vertafore AMS 360, or Salesforce.com or others (let us know what platform you would like us to work to get RMail and RSign integrated into!).

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