Advanced Email Security, Requiring Smarter Email Delivery Systems for Important Email

Advanced Email Security, Requiring Smarter Email Delivery Systems for Important Email

April 22, 2019 / in Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Not All Email Tracking is Created Equal

If you are sending a zillion newsletter or marketing emails, sure, email marketing platforms make it easy to manage your email list; and many do provide some basic tracking information.

But how reliable is this information? Should it be relied on important business email or important notifications?

No. Why not?

First, many of these email marketing platforms base their tracking on whether images in the email where displayed or not. If you are sending primarily to business readers who predominantly open email in Microsoft Outlook, image tracking is disabled at the recipient end by default.

And… if a recipient opted out to one of your prior emails, unless you take great care to manage opt-out options, they may be opted out of all of your future emails — even the important ones.

And… if there was a transient delivery failure at one point in time, that recipient may be permanently opted out of future email — again, even important ones.

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And… if sending to recipients with large ISP email addresses (like Gmail, Yahoo,, etc.) you had better keep in mind, most of these systems are trained to de-prioritize email sent from known email marketing platforms (putting the messages in promotional sub folders of the inbox, likely never to be read).

And further… many advanced email platforms at the recipient are today more zealous in their email blocking, requiring sender domain registration and key systems (DKIM, SPF, DMARC). These may or may not be properly configured in the email marketing platform and if not, may reduce likelihood of delivery to the intended recipient.

Trend Alert: Heightened hacker sophistication has advanced email security, requiring smarter email delivery systems for important email. 

A county tax authority in Virginia recently switched from use of their email marketing platform, for sending tax notices, to RMail Registered Email™ services. They reported that 30% of recipients claimed non-receipt of the email sent from the email marketing platform and solved this problem by sending via the RMail Registered Email™ services.

Were the tax authority messages sent and received, and simply claimed not to have been? Maybe, since these were tax notices. Regardless, the email marketing platform did not provide a deep forensic record that could be shared with the recipient, proving email delivery, content of the message and attachments sent and received, and timestamped forensic metadata as evidence.

If there is consequence where the email can be claimed to not have been received, in any business, RPost recommends sending it as a Registered Email™ message.

Sending as a Registered Email™ message is simple and provides irrefutable proof (click for free Outlook or Gmail app). The messages are sent from dedicated business email IPs, improving deliver-ability and categorization as business email, and they return a self-contained digital forensic record, providing timestamped and verifiable proof of email delivery including timestamped message and attachment content; for any recipient.

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Real estate and property management operators rely on this for irrefutable proof. This service has been identified by the insurance industry as top choice for proof of email delivery for more than a decade and identified as top choice by more than 20 bar / law associations.