Email Encryption - Preventing Access to Unintended Recipients

Email Encryption – Preventing Access to Unintended Recipients

June 28, 2021 / in Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

No Mitsakes Were Made in This Week’s Artical

“To Err Is To Be Human”—a great quotation coined, I believe, by Rodney Dangerfield, or maybe Alexander Pope. My mistake. To be human is great—you get to enjoy earthly pleasures like food and music in ways that machines will never be able to do (at least for now). Humans get to love and run through fields of sunflowers in slow motion with their soulmates—not something an Alexa can do (at least for now). Can your iPhone experience the miracle of childbirth? Probably not for another 20 years until the release of IOS 34.

But being human, of course, has its drawbacks—heartbreak, mosquito bites and, of course, the fact that we make a LOT of mistakes—many of which can be very costly and even career limiting. I mean, cell phones don’t butt dial themselves.

Email is one of the great exhibitors of human mistake making. It’s almost as if a machine designed email on purpose to expose our worst mistake-making potential so that it can laugh endlessly at us. That’s why we developed the “Right Recipient” feature within RMail Recommends, an enhancement designed to humanize e-security (or put those laughing machines in their place). It’s essentially a friendlier way of helping humans prevent making consequential absent-minded mistakes that we all make.

Here’s one use case: You can select all messages to a recipient email (or domain) to go with a special type of encryption that prevents unintended recipients from access. This effectively bars any unintended recipients – even if the email is accidently sent to them by you — from opening that email content.

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Another new feature we offer is RMail Clean, a combination of RMail e-security + metadata cleaning to remove the editing history of documents before sending + AI that gives us all a thankful second chance to verify recipient email addresses when it looks suspiciously like that important message may be about to be mis-addressed and sent to the wrong person. All of this SMART technology helps us make sure the right messages and their sensitive attachments get to the right person; not to someone with a very similar email address and not to Internet sleuths posing as business colleagues?

And yet another new feature in RMail prevents certain content in an email from being forwarded, using RMail’s new Disappearing Ink™ feature. Simply tag the content that you want to be viewable once (and only once) and send. Simple. The recipient can view once, then the content disappears, which minimizes the risk of the right content going to the wrong recipient, a fate far worse than the butt dial you made to your ex last weekend.

These features were presented and discussed in depth at last week’s Optimize!2021 User Conference. Click here to enter our Conference Center to view Main Stage and Breakout sessions or click here to request a demo of these unique services.

To err certainly is to be human, but erring shouldn’t be the thing that derails careers because of mis-sent emails. We’ll let you know when we figure out how to solve the butt dial problem…