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RMail Outlook Disappearing Ink™ Settings

This video will review the RMail Disappearing Ink™ settings in the RMail app for Microsoft Outlook.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To view the settings, you have two options:

Option 1: From the inbox click file, then click on RMail settings.

Option 2: From the feature dialog button. Click the settings button.

The Disappearing Ink™ feature adds privacy by allowing senders to add content to an email, which can only be viewed a pre-set number of times before being permanently deleted.

The settings in the RMail app for Microsoft Outlook for the Disappearing Ink™ feature include the following.

  1. First is to Enable or Disable the feature. There’s also a default option which allows the feature to be controlled by administrators within the RPortal management platform.
  2. The second is the Number of views which can be set, so the recipient may view the content between 1 and 5 times.
  3. The third is the Length of time per view, which can be set between 1 and 20 minutes per click of the Disappearing Ink™ link.
  4. The fourth is Viewing link text option. This allows the sender to program the text of the hyperlink to the Disappearing Ink™ content. The default is Click to View Private Text.
  5. The fifth and last setting provides senders the option to Encrypt Disappearing Ink for additional privacy.

Please note there are many other settings available to configure the Disappearing Ink™ feature to your needs.

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