Email Encryption and Electronic Signature for the Finance Industry

Email Encryption and Electronic Signature for the Finance Industry

October 02, 2020 / in Encryption/Security / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

No “October Surprises” at Our Optimize! FinTech Conference (Just Great Insights from Amazing Customers)

We at Tech Essentials realize this has been a doozy of a week in terms of news—mostly political and mostly bad. For those who needed a respite from Tuesday’s chaotic debate and the torrent of election-focused headlines, we offered a live virtual conference yesterday that highlighted how customers are using RPost’s RMail and RSign products to optimize financial processes, transaction automation and affordability with feature-rich eSign and e-security.

We had hundreds of company registrants from all over the world sign into our state-of-the-art virtual conference facility (both in the Americas and Europe sessions) to hear from panelists and customers who are leveraging RMail and RSign towards smoother and more secure operations and processes within their insurance, banking, lending, investment, and accounting financial services sectors. In addition, we had financial-related functional operators (including credit, collections, pricing, procurement, and sales order management) speak to how RMail and RSign have streamlined operations and costs.

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Digital Signature

While there were many tips and insights provided by company operators at yesterday’s Optimize! eSign and E-Security RMail/RSign user conference, three that stand out are summarized below:

1. Court Accepted Proof of E-Delivery: RMail’s Registered Email™ receipt, the Registered Receipt™ email proof of delivery record, has been relied upon in a variety of Federal courts in jurisdictions across the United States as well as in courts in the United Kingdom as sufficient proof for delivery of subpoenas and other documents to resolve court disputes favorable for the RMail user. In short, one can confidently consider RMail’s Registered Email™ service as the best court-accepted certified proof of e-delivery service of this kind.

2. Three eSign E-Security Functions: Financial services firms that provided their insights, when asked about the most important electronic signature and e-security functionality, nearly all agreed that the simplicity of RMail email encryption was now mission critical as was the irrefutable and court admissible Registered Receipt™ proof of delivery and its audit-ready records of privacy compliance.

3. E-Security Bliss, Considering Human Behavior: Of the new product sessions, the most interesting new enhancement presented — what some called a “game changer for Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 users” — was RMail Recommends™. RMail Recommends automatically makes recommendations to users to encrypt a particular message or send for proof of delivery; or show them that a particular message was required to be encrypted. The result: users become automatically sensitized to the importance of e-security and what is being encrypted — when and why. For IT/Ops staff, this was described as contributing to an aura of confidence and peace of mind to staff and clients alike. Thus, e-security bliss.

There was so much material that came out of this conference that it will take a little while to sort it all out and weave it together for the benefit of our readers here. However, you can expect in the coming days and weeks some great video highlights from individual panelists and speakers in addition to some more robust industry-based content that we hope will convey how we’re helping customers optimize a variety of financial services transactions and operations.

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To those who are beaten down by the endlessly negative news cycle of 2020, we hope we can offer a welcome bit of positive news about how we are in fact making work life just a bit easier for our valued customers. We may not be the biggest player in technology, but our customers choose us, as we try harder. We are constantly delivering, through great product innovations and the highest levels of personalized service, efficiency, value and true cost savings to the global array of companies and governments we support.