Registered Email with Email Delivery Tracking

Registered Email with Email Delivery Tracking

May 08, 2020 / in Blog, Encryption/Security / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Home email, the new normal for millions of Americans

Today the Labor Department released a report that showed over 20 million jobs were lost in April alone, boosting the unemployment rate to nearly 15%. These are levels perhaps never seen by any living American. Even as people start to venture out to beaches and parks that are opening up, most people are still remaining inside — spending more time in their home email (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail,, Outlook Online, and other mobile and browser email programs).

When RPost first launched its eSign & E-Security (Free) “Work-from-Home” Readiness program in March, it was not apparent that many of those shifting to work-from-home might now be in an unsettling new situation. Some are trying to stay more connected to their jobs working extra-time from home or have been recently distanced from their employers and are dealing with company HR staff. Others may be now thinking about independent contractor work.

Perhaps a tiny bit of good news in a sea of despair is that the traditional work-from-home programs mentioned above will also work from your home email. Here are some tools to think about adding to your Gmail,, or home email now — especially if your new normal is going to be working as a contractor from home over the next few months or maybe longer. Check out this video below for more details:

Tech Essentials Tools (freely available) for newly independent contractors or those working from home or using their home email accounts more (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail,, Office 365 Outlook):

  • Communicating payroll, financial, tax and COBRA/health information with employers or clients: Send Registered Email™ (marked or stealthily unmarked) – Watch Video
    • Provides you with email delivery tracking and certified proof of your email content, delivery, and timestamp – essentially a perfect record of who said what to whom and when, by email.
    • Send your independent contractor invoices attached to Registered Email™ messages to ensure an irrefutable record of timely delivery.
    • Try the Register Reply™ feature to record in a permanent Registered Receipt™ record their replies to your email.
    • Make it visibly “Registered Email™ marked” or with no markings, so the recipient just sees a plain email but you still get the Registered Receipt™ for your proof record.
    • Add encryption with one click if there is particularly sensitive information contained in the message.
    • Try RMail Message Level encryption if your content is ultra-sensitive (contains health or financial details).

Know more: Email Encryption Service

  • eSign a contractor agreement or statement of work: RMail or RSign eSign – Watch Video
    • Easily put your eSignature on HR forms sent to you.
    • Email your independent contractor terms to a new client for their eSignoff.
    • Email statements of work for eSignoff by all parties.

How to do this free from your web or mobile browser, Gmail, Outlook Online, and Office 365 Outlook? Visit RMail for GmailRMail for, or other RMail apps with free installations and service.