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Certified Email Track & Prove

RMail® includes the patented Registered Email™ service, the worldwide standard for legal and verifiable proof of email opening, successful delivery, message and attachment content, and official timestamps sent and received.

All RMail® messages are sent as Registered Email™ messages, either visibly marked as such or unmarked, and return a Registered Receipt™ email to the sender. This serves as the sender’s self-contained, durable, and verifiable proof record.

Each message sent returns a self-authenticating and court-admissible Registered Receipt™ email which serves as a Legal Proof® record. Any holder may forward the Registered Receipt™ email to anyone, and the receipt retains its ability to be authenticated; any holder may verify its authenticity through an automated process which reconstructs the original message content, attachments, and transmission forensics.

Self-Authenticating Receipt.

The Registered Receipt™ e-mail authenticates and accurately reproduces the original e-mail and attachments, including any attached disclosures, which satisfies the eSign Act’s retention and accurate reproduction requirements, EIDAS requirements, and other country and regulatory proof of delivery and proof of receipt requirements.

Unique Transaction Record.

The returned Registered Receipt™ is a durable, verifiable, and self-contained record of each email transmission. A sender views this receipt in their email program. The receipt’s HTML file may be used by any party to authenticate the transmission data and reconstruct the original email content – without requiring any third-party system to store a copy of the message or transmission data.

To watch a technical video about the Registered Receipt™ email, click here.

Developers may build the patented RMail Registered Email™ service into their applications using email routing rules or the RMail REST API; and may retrieve the message delivery status and Registered Receipt™ proof records via email routing rules or REST API.

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