Protect Yourself From Phishing and Ransomware Attacks Threatening Your Personal Data

Protect Yourself From Phishing and Ransomware Attacks Threatening Your Personal Data

April 19, 2024 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

A battle between white and black (AI) hats.

Armand here again, your plucky, ready-to-fight RPost product evangelist, reporting for Tech Essentials. Not sure if you caught last Sunday’s 60 Minutes, but they ran a piece that echoes what we’ve been saying in this column for many months now: cybercriminals are getting a lot more sophisticated from a technology and business standpoint. The specific example they highlighted was ransomware-as-a-service, which we chronicled years ago.

In essence, what we’re seeing today represents the institutionalization of cybercrime where cybercriminals are becoming not only more innovative in their approach but also more entrepreneurial in how they see themselves scaling their nefarious operations. 

The latest cybercriminal organization to get taken down (temporarily most likely, as this group or its affiliates will almost surely pop up somewhere else soon) is the LabRat phishing-as-a-service platform. This was designed by a small group of cybercriminals who sold (or syndicated) the service for a few hundred dollars a month to over 2,000 cybercriminal buyers in 19 countries. 

According to Europol, LabRat allowed criminals to monitor and control phishing attacks in real time and was designed to bypass enhanced security measures such as two-factor authentication. LabRat subscribers could use the tool to design, deploy, and monitor their phishing and other social-engineering attacks and, included in their “license” was access to 480K stolen bank card numbers, 64K stolen PINs, and 1 million stolen passwords!

Bottom line - you need the ability to see the unseen, NOW more than ever! To see when cybercriminals are eavesdropping on your correspondence, transactions, and accounts. You need AI for the Good Guys, and that is what I am bringing you as RPost’s fighting product evangelist Armadillo. Our RPost AI will help you beat LabRat AI and other nefarious tools that the cybercriminals are using.

RPost's PRE-Crime email security service will thwart LabRat and other phishing-and-ransomware-as-a-service style email attacks—the type of attacks that can bilk unsuspecting people out of their passwords and other vital personal info. Any combination of our proprietary Eavesdropping™ notifications used on your invoices, closing documents, sensitive business correspondence, will give you a one up over these new scaled attacks --- these RPost products will let you SEE which of your contacts have a breached email account which gives cybercriminals back-door access to YOUR information.

And more good news is that our PRE-Crime™ module harmoniously extends your existing email security systems, adding elegantly easy encryption, targeted attack detection, and our own white-hat AI. To learn more about PRE-Crime protection, don’t hesitate to contact us. Now you’ll excuse me as I get back into the ring…