Use White Hat AI Tools That Can Put YOU in Control Rather Than a Cybercriminal

Use White Hat AI Tools That Can Put YOU in Control Rather Than a Cybercriminal

April 12, 2024 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

In a World Powered by Generative AI, Power Up with White Hat AI.

It’s Armand here, RPost’s product evangelist, still in New Orleans, enjoying a few days listening to jazz on the far end of Bourbon Street (far end, far away from the hip hop and frozen slurpy drinks).

This cool Bourbon Street jazz got my mind wandering. Why is it that the collective “we” think we should, or treat, one’s social security number as some sort of secret identifier?

Why is it that we’re spending all this effort to encrypt email and documents to keep a social security number private? Yes, I get it. In Internet lore, social security numbers were considered private as these were used by credit score companies as the unique human identifier associated with credit transactions, but really, is privacy here still necessary today?

After all, the cybercriminals can simply use any number of dark web AI tools to get the social security numbers associated with most people in the USA. Heck, hackers just leaked 75 million that were stored at AT&T. That’s nearly half of the social security numbers of the living adult population.

So, it’s really time to think differently; to use white hat AI tools that can put YOU in control to see when cybercriminals are actively targeting you or the people you communicate with. Rather than only passive email encryption, why not now use email encryption that can ALSO let you see who is eavesdropping on your email not only in transit (the encryption takes care of that) but also AT THE RECEIPIENT INBOX. Meaning, with RPost Eavesdropping AI, you can see what today is unseen --- when cybercriminals are reading your email at the recipient inbox, or after the recipient forwarded the message onward.

At this insurance conference here in New Orleans, with large commercial, as well as excess & surplus insurance, for example, the agency is direct billing the client and a lot of money is at play. The cybercriminals are aware that this area of the insurance business is ripe for email lures to fool clients (outside of your secure environment) into paying altered invoices sent from you, which mis-directs client funds to the cybercriminal account – especially since this part of the business is almost all conducted via email and e-documents.

In 2023, the FBI notes in their IC3 report that $2.9 billion was reported mis-sent to cybercriminal accounts, and they estimate the true volume was $15 billion.
RPost’s Eavesdropping AI can identify which client email accounts and transactions are compromised and alert. Plus, when combined with RPost document and eSignature AI Auto-Lock™ tech, it will automatically lock those transactions proactively that are being eavesdropped on by cybercriminals.

This can be enabled with a simple smart-host connection from your outbound email gateways to the RPost cloud gateway, which then sends the message with Registered Email™ proof or Registered Encryption™ privacy compliance, plus adds the Eavesdropping AI detection. It is easy to enable, and red alerts can be routed to you or your outsourced SOC.

We’re in a new world of hyper sophisticated cybercriminals powered up by generative AI. You need to also power up with white hat AI, RPost Eavesdropping AI leak identifying and pre-emption services.