Protect Your Files From Black-Hat Cybercriminals

Protect Your Files From Black-Hat Cybercriminals

February 16, 2024 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

If only you could eavesdrop on the (cybercriminal) eavesdroppers...

Armand here again, RPost’s product evangelist. As I mentioned last week, while ringing in the Chinese and Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dragon, I got wind of the latest cybercriminal heist. What started last week as an email impostor lure turned into a ‘deep fake’ and ‘AI voice replicated’ web meeting, resulting in 15 wire transfers sent from a company to a cybercriminal account, totaling $26 million mis-sent (click here to read what I wrote about this in more detail).

Well, that is a mouthful, even for an armadillo with a big mouth 😉 and I am sure, also for my professional friends who are not current on the latest in AI.

Bottom line, most cybercriminal scores today start with the cybercriminals eavesdropping on email correspondence which orients them on how to target whom and when.

I drew up this old cartoon above based on the (paper-based) Mad Magazine and cold war-era Spy vs. Spy cartoons. For those born entirely in the digital era, you might not be familiar with these characters, so let me explain…

The black hat spy was depicted as the spy for the evil empire, and the white hat spy was depicted as the spy for the good guys. In today’s context, think black-hat spy as a black-hat hacker (evil cybercriminal) that is eavesdropping on the good guys. The white-hat spy is your IT security guru who protects you.

With RPost’s latest Email Eavesdropping™ detection service, RPost can empower you and your IT staff to be like the white-hat spy so you can eavesdrop on the cybercriminal black-hat hacker eavesdroppers --- essentially, giving you visibility as to who, if, and when the cybercriminals are eavesdropping on correspondence between you or your staff and email recipients *** even if that eavesdropping is occurring at your recipient or after they forward the email along.

And, it gets even better.

When we at RPost add this Eavesdropping™ detection technology to RSign eSignatures, RMail secure large file share, and RDocs document right and controls services, we can help the white-hat spy (your IT guru) sleep better at night as this RPost tech is asking RPost AI to simply auto-lock files that black-hat cybercriminal eavesdroppers are trying to access. Yes, that’s right. Eavesdrop on the cybercriminal eavesdroppers to auto-lock eSign transaction access, auto-block secure file share downloads, auto-pause access to protected or controlled documents, based on detected attempts of cybercriminal prying eyes to glean sensitive content. Why? These types of documents or signature transactions often contain information ripe for the cybercriminals to plan their attack to steal money or lure staff into mis-paying. 

Also know about Document Control

Now that is true PRE-Crime protection…pre-empting cybercrimes in process with RPost AI.

For some RPost customers, within the first week of enabling this RPost Email Eavesdropping™ detection service, they discovered black-hat cybercriminals eavesdropping from the former USSR territories on deal closing documents in the USA, related to a transaction that was about to close. The RPost technology empowered the RPost user to pre-empt the cybercrime in process, thwarting the steal after the hook was in.

Try it. Simply put, it works.