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Openwave Selects RPost for its 400 Million Users

May 01, 2015 / in General / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Openwave Messaging has elected to embed RMail® into the email user interface for 400 million end users who access email through their local telecommunications operator or ISP. This is the first time secure email encryption has been deployed in the market on such a grand scale. RMail® is powered by RPost’s patented Registered Email technology.

Openwave is the messaging market leader with 37% worldwide market share in service provider email. Telecom carriers and ISPs around the world offer the Openwave email platform to their end users, presented as their own branded service offering. This Openwave release elegantly adds to the users’ email compose pane a new “Send Registered” button set next to the normal “Send” button.

Read the official press release below:

Openwave Messaging Delivers Universal Security and Privacy For Email

Undisputed Messaging Market Leader Incorporates Leading Secure Messaging Solution to Meet User Demand for Privacy and Protection for Openwave’s 400 Million Users

San Mateo, CA— March 31, 2015-  Openwave Messaging Inc., the market-leading, and premier partner to service providers for messaging, communication and security solutions, today announced its RMail messaging security and compliance service that makes simple-to-use end user protection available for Openwave’s 400 million users worldwide. These protections empower users with visibility as to who opened what message and when, certified proof of delivery, email encryption for privacy to protect personal information, and eSignatures for greater efficiency.  The service is universal, meaning neither sender nor recipient need to be on the same email system.  Further, the Openwave service delivers messages without a third party storing the messages, and does not require user’s private keys to reside with a third party.

By contrast, other major email platforms including Yahoo and Gmail have announced their intent to provide security systems that require the sender and recipient to both be on or have accounts on the same email system or have both installed the same security patch. This closed approach is in conflict with the ubiquity of email. Security systems where the sender needs to know what email system the recipient is on, what security they have installed, or requiring the recipient to click links, download, or set up accounts have historically proven to be too complicated and therefore are rarely adopted by users.  Systems that require private keys to reside with a third party running the server compromise service provider operations.

The Openwave RMail service is available immediately, and enables service providers and enterprises to provide their users with a simple, one-click method of sending, signing, tracking, and securing high-value messages. The upgrade, elegantly built into users’ email compose pane, is a custom-built extension based upon patented technologies by RPost®.  For service providers, it builds in, free for all users, the best and broadest security and privacy features available while also preserving a significant monetization opportunity for the service provider.

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“Email is ubiquitous and incredibly efficient; however users today not only expect, but demand protection from increasing levels of spam, malware, phishing, and identity theft,” states Jay Seaton, Openwave Messaging senior vice president of marketing. “For service providers, insufficient email security can result in brand damage, service degradation, increased customer service, network and storage costs, and ultimately lost subscribers. For service providers that provide the Openwave RMail level of protection for users, the benefits and monetization opportunities are tremendous.”

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“The heightened awareness about data privacy, compliance and identity theft as a result of increasing instances of Internet eavesdropping and highly publicized large-scale identity thefts has caused the market for email encryption, privacy, and security to explode,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “This market shift was the catalyst for two messaging pioneers and recognized leaders in their respective markets to join forces. Openwave is the undisputed market leader in messaging solutions for service providers, with more than 400 million users across North America, Europe and Japan, and the only provider in this space to have the proven ability to deploy secure messaging at tier one scale.  We are excited to be aligned with a leader with the experience of Openwave Messaging.”

“When there is a sudden expansion of market demand, as we are seeing now with messaging security, there are often new, but small, specialized and therefore limited market entrants,” said Lokdeep Singh, chief product officer at Openwave Messaging. “Openwave’s unparalleled experience with the world’s leading service providers gives us a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and importance of large-scale messaging systems to our customers’ business, and thus makes us very selective in terms of who we partner with.  RPost is regarded as the leader in secure and legal electronic messaging, and now Openwave and RPost combine their messaging offerings, bringing to the market the most proven, robust, and secure universal messaging offerings.”

Openwave Message was acquired by Synchronoss in 2016, and the RMail product is now listed on the Synchronoss Messaging