Send Large Files with RMail

How to Securely Send Large Files with a Few Simple Steps

Imagine spending days preparing a client presentation that runs into hundreds of megabytes. It can be frustrating when after cross-checking everything and hitting the “send” button on your Outlook or Gmail, you are greeted with the message, “File size too large.”

As much as you’d like to believe it, email accounts can’t store that much data, and email service providers do impose size limits on the attachments, impeding your ability to do business. For instance, Outlook allows you to send a maximum of 20MB for every email attachment for all versions, while with Gmail, you can share files up to 25MB in one go.

When this happens, your first instinct is to either break file attachments to reduce the size to comply with the size limits or look for easy file transfer options like cloud storage services. While the former option is time-consuming and practically infeasible, the latter option is fraught with several challenges. For instance, when senders send a shared link to a recipient through a cloud storage service, they might have questions like:

  • What will the recipient see?
  • Will the recipient see all the names of people who have access?
  • Will they see folder names in the folder structure?
  • Can they get access to other folders?
  • What if other documents are added to the folder in the future, and no one is monitoring who had access in the past?

If you are not thinking about these issues and are sending large files from your main cloud storage platform, you should!

What if you never have to worry about opting for an external cloud storage service and send large files securely without leaving your standard email interfaces like Outlook or Gmail? RMail, a global email security solution from RPost, addresses these challenges head-on with its built-in, LargeMail™ file transfer feature. The fastest way to send files, RMail allows you to send large files up to 1GB – without leaving your email interface.

Benefits of Sending Large Files with RMail

Not just one but a range of benefits:

  • No signup or installs needed for the recipients to download.
  • Send documents with a cumulative size of up to 1 GB, including large videos and hi-resolution pictures.
  • Send files securely to any recipient with encryption and configurable self-purging options.
  • Receive a Registered Receipt™ as a proof of delivery to the sender.
  • Receive real-time notification of downloads.
  • Automatically send files via LargeMail™ service when file attachments exceed a specified total file size.
  • Simple manual settings to let the sender decide when to use LargeMail service.

How to Send Large Files Securely with RMail

RMail’s secure File Share service enables you to easily send large files and track the opening and downloads. You can securely send big files up to 1GB per send - right from the Outlook interface (and more!), or by using the RMail API as a shared link to your recipients (that they can download) with optional passwords.

Sharing large files is a simple two-step process within RMail:

  1. Compose your message in Outlook or Gmail.
  2. Click the Send Registered button, check the “File Share” box and add your files.
    That’s it!
Send Large Files

Additional RMail Features for Seamless File Sharing

  • For every email message, RMail returns timestamped download records for court-admissible proof of delivery.
  • RMail automatically encrypts your emails and attachments so you don’t have to worry about securely sending big files separately. Recipients will receive your encrypted email to their inboxes just as any other message.
Download Large Files
  • RMail File Share feature sets up a one-time-box not associated with the sender’s file directory, which means your file system and directory names aren’t exposed to your recipients and continue to stay secure.
  • All the email attachments auto-purge after a set time (that you can configure) to minimize the risk of future unauthorized access to shared content, and to comply with data privacy laws and regulations.
  • RMail offers “Automatic Activation Settings,” which allow you to pre-select a maximum threshold whereby automatically, if cumulative attachments exceed the threshold, the LargeMail service will be activated and used. So, if you have set the limit as 10MB, any email with the attachment size exceeding 10MB, will be automatically sent via LargeMail – you don’t have to check the option again!
  • RMail also tracks your shared files by offering a certified proof of your email content, delivery, and timestamp – essentially a perfect record of who opened which file and when. It also helps you manage your file transfers.

Once you have transferred files, your recipients will get your message with a shared link to download standalone or shared files. You can optionally add passwords or other encryption levels for privacy.

Added Convenience with RMail Integrations

RMail’s integrations with several platforms offer even more convenience for secure file sharing.

  • RMail for Salesforce: Effortlessly add the Send RMail button to Salesforce objects to make it easy for users or admins to automate transmission of important messages as RMail messages. RMail for Salesforce makes it easy to track, prove, e-sign and encrypt with proof of delivery compliance, legal e-sign records, and proof of privacy and compliance.
  • RMail for Gmail: Adding the Send Registered button to the Gmail account as a Chrome Extension allows use of specific RMail features right from within the Gmail compose email window. Each RMail message returns legal and court admissible open tracking, proof of email delivery, proof of privacy compliance, and audit-trail records for recipient e-signatures on documents.
  • RMail for Zola Suite: Embed a “Send Registered™” button into the email compose window within Zola Suite to provide the sender options to track, prove, encrypt or send for e-sign right from within their current email workflow.
  • RMail for SIS Partner Platform: SIS Partner Platform integration with Outlook and RMail enables insurance agencies to access their files and contacts from within Outlook and leverage RMail features, such as Encryption, Large File Transfer, Track & Prove, and more.
  • RMail for Zimbra: The RMail integration adds a one-click button in the normal compose message workflow of email users so they can use features like email encryption, e-signatures, Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof, email open tracking, secure large file transfer, and more.
  • RMail for Acturis: Seamlessly integrate RMail from within the Acturis insurance management platform, which offers insurance brokers, email encryption, Registered Email™ e-delivery proof, open tracking, e-signatures, secure file sharing, and email impostor protection.
  • RMail for Applied Systems: The built-in integration for insurance brokers offers email encryption, Registered Email™ e-delivery proof, open tracking, e-signatures, secure file sharing, email impostor protection, and automated policy-based encryption.

Easily Share Large Files with RMail

Many business users have several concerns when sending a large file:

  1. Files may be stored long after the intended duration.
  2. Not knowing if the recipient is being requested to sign up for an account to access files.
  3. Seeing the “pending” delivery status of an invitation email and not knowing if the invitation went missing or if the recipient simply did not or could not access the download link.
  4. Not knowing who might have “administrative access” to see shared files.

RMail addresses these concerns head-on with its robust email and email attachment encryption, proof of delivery, and secure large file transfer capabilities. Several customers have found RMail’s large file share feature extremely useful to accelerate the speed of doing business. For instance, CPN Legal, a law firm, has been successfully using RMail’s Large File Share to share large files with its clients without the worry or the need to track if they are being bounced.

RMail is easy, extremely secure, convenient, fast – and most important, much more affordable at scale for secure file transfer. Try it to send files for free!