eSignature Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Back for 2023

eSignature Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Back for 2023

November 24, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Get 3 Award-Winning Products for the Price of 1.

Funny how holidays spring up, and people often forget their true origins or meaning. Halloween (the American version at least) has roots in the Salem, Massachusetts' puritan days of the 1600’s. But this was not a time or place for children to be trick-or-treating or giving out candy. It was a decidedly somber and un-fun time. 

Thanksgiving is a fully contrived holiday. Yes, something that resembles Thanksgiving did happen in the 1600s, but it wasn’t codified into what resembles what we have today until Civil War times, when Lincoln determined that such a holiday could be a salve for a wounded nation. 

Of course, many holidays now are inseparable from shopping. Having just slogged through the airports in Europe on (yes, an in-person business trip), I couldn’t help noticing signs for Black Friday sales (rooted in the after-Thanksgiving-Day-leftovers shopping sprees). And then, Amazon invented Cyber Monday, so those without Internet at home could use office Internet to enjoy in the bargain fun shopping online. These US holidays/consumerist events are going global. 

So, we thought we’d simplify at least the latter two. Not too long ago, we invented Blaber Fronday, and it seems like it’s catching on! Blaber Fronday was designed for those companies that wanted to have their deals span both Black Friday AND Cyber Monday. 

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Digital Signature

And by the time you read this article, another Blaber Fronday will have rolled around. Yes, the only thing better on Black Friday or Cyber Monday than a 2-for-1 special is…3 for the price of 1! So, what exactly do you get?

RMail: To cover your email security needs. A must-have on top of your Microsoft or Gmail security.

RSign: To speed up your deals. IDC named it a worldwide leader in eSignatures.

RDocs: A remote control for your sensitive documents letting you kill mis-sent docs or see who is viewing what when where, even after sent.

From now until the end of Cyber Monday, if you buy any one of RPost’s Standard or Business service packages for RMail, RSign, or RDocs, we’ll add the other two services at no added cost

For this special, you must use RPost’s online store to purchase directly before the end of Cyber Monday, purchase any pre-paid annual Standard or Business plans as a new customer; and, after the purchase on Tuesday, we’ll add the other two packages to each user (up to ten) for whom you purchased services.

And, to make it even (pumpkin pie) sweeter, we’ll have one of our trainers reach out to show you how to get the most out of these services after your purchase. 

Now, all Blaber Fronday needs is a mascot. I mean, Christmas has Santa, Thanksgiving has Tom Turkey, maybe you can help us pick a mascot—maybe a mysterious animal that somehow combines cybersecurity with eating too much food? We’re always open to suggestions!😬

Feel free to contact us to learn more about this very special Blaber Fronday 3-for-1 deal.