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May 29, 2020 / in General / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Practicing Fake Eye Contact in Video Meetings

There are some positive changes in human behavior accelerated by this current health crisis. One is easily being able to identify what a 6-foot distance looks like – or the measurements used in Canada (one hockey stick length) and in Florida (one alligator length). Another is the realization that video meetings really do have an intangible benefit of subconsciously creating a human connection among participants.

But there are still things we need to master – like how to keep eye contact in a video meeting while checking one’s mobile phone – discretely steeling a glance at messages with fluttering fake eye contact with video squares.

Are video meetings, however, making us long for when we could discretely multi-task during web meetings when speakers drone on about some tangent? Clicking to turn off your video makes it now obvious you are not paying attention, so how now do we satisfy this this urge to optimize our time?

Well, here is a Tech Essentials tip to bring back the good-old days of multi-tasking during boring web meetings: Load a head-shot photo of you into the video meeting system so you can move back-and-forth between photo and video when you need to speak. The human cues of your presence will be felt from seeing your face (even if a photo) along with switching back to live video. This tactic will not alarm folks as to whether you are in fact multi-tasking from time to time. (Beware, this tactic won’t put the answer to questions that come your way on the tip of your tongue!)

On a grander scale with “optimize” in mind, Tech Essentials predicts the remainder of 2020 will be all about “optimizing” time, business processes and costs. How can one do more with fewer resources; how do we enjoy feature-rich services in a more affordable and integrated approach?

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