Tips for Managing Business Better from Home

Tips for Managing Business Better from Home

September 25, 2020 / in Encryption/Security / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

“The Hair of the Dog” Lives in Infamy

Most clichés originated from terms that were once clever, useful and connoted some broader meaning from hearing the phrase. These welcome, useful terms catch on and last over time but eventually get overused and then get relegated to cliché status. “The Hair of the Dog,” as an example, lives in infamy today to mean, ‘indulge again in what you overindulged, and you may feel better’. This term originated from a 16th century medical “remedy” where if you were bitten by a rabid dog, you would put the burnt hair of that dog on the wound, and the hair would supposedly act as an antidote.

Today’s challenges with antidotes and vaccines aside, we may be experiencing the birth of a new cliché: “The New Normal”, implying that COVID may have changed some of our behaviors forever. Whether you believe this or not, one thing we promise is not to use either of these clichés in our Optimize! eSign & E-Security user conference (register for this October 1 free half-day virtual event here).

We promise not to use “The New Normal” when talking about what industries have transitioned to in order to obtain eSign and e-security automation, more affordable feature rich options, or tips for managing business better from home. We also promise not use “The Hair of the Dog” when referring to the conference’s virtual themed (BYOB) cocktail receptions (Cajun room, home brew room, hunting and fishing room…).

What the Optimize! conference will share are insights from more than 25 insurance, financial, government, and property management companies and organizations who have developed tips and tricks for optimizing eSign and e-security for their home-or-hybrid workforce given today’s challenges.

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The top three messages that we believe these business operators and experts will share at RPost’s Optimize! eSign and E-Security User Conference (click to register) are:

  1. Ops Managers Need a Magic Wand: Waving a magic wand that would teach staff how to use tech tools would be enlightening. Having confidence that staff will be able to spot tricky impostor email would be wonderful. Knowing private data was not flying out of the company unencrypted would be comforting.  Today’s times have heightened the need for this magic wand. At Optimize!, operators will showcase their tricks that have brought them enlightenment, wonder, and comfort with regards to eSign and e-security.
  2. Visual Cues Have Greater Sway: Considering today’s strange business environment, much of it lacking human interaction — and the typical cues that we biologically (and subconsciously) use to frame a situation, we need to focus more on visual cues wherever we can (read our recent article on the biology behind the power of the emoji). Optimizing business today requires more thought into how staff are communicating to build rapport and make organizations more successful with clients, suppliers, staff, and in the marketplace. Use of the right eSign and e-security tools can subconsciously bring enlightenment, wonder, and comfort to your clients and staff.
  3. It’s Time to Automate in New Ways: In the old days of the last decade, back in 2019, we took many things for granted. Now we are juggling many more distractions at work and at home. Surely, providing ways that help your staff to do more, with more accuracy and in less time, will bring a hero’s welcome. At Optimize!, you will hear what other industry operators have done to bring pure bliss to their work-from-home staff.

While we could write up more tips and tricks that will be shared at RPost’s user conference, Optimize! eSign & E-Security, considering today’s appetite for reading more about politics, we will hold off and share these at the free virtual conference. See you there on October 1.