More than 20 Insurance Groups Ally with RPost as Top Choice for E-Sign and E-Security

June 14, 2021 / in News / by RPost Marketing

More than 20 Insurance Groups Ally with RPost as Top Choice for E-Sign and E-SecurityInsurance Groups and Associations Have Selected RMail E-Security and RSign E-Signatures as ‘Top Choice’, Ahead of RPost’s New Mid-Year RMail and RSign Enhancements.

10 June 2021 – Los Angeles, CA RPost announces more than 20 insurance groups and associations showcasing RMail and RSign enhancements to their insurance community members with additional special insurance sessions at RPost’s Optimize! E-Sign E-Security June 17th user conference (click to register). RPost’s RMail e-security and RSign e-signature services have been used for two decades worldwide and are available internationally through RPost, its strategic partners and world’s largest technology distributors, Ingram Micro and Tech Data.

“In case anything comes up from a legal standpoint, we’ve got proof [with RMail] that we sent the email. You read it, you opened it, so we have that sense of security,” stated Dana Apple of Assure Alliance. “As far as RSign, we’re very happy using it. It saves us a lot of time and money. RMail gives [our clients] that sense of security.”

Rebecca Shigley, Chief Operating Officer of the Independent Insurance Association of North Carolina added, “We’re proud to have partnered with RPost because we know more than ever that our members need to have peace of mind when it comes to e-mail security and compliance. RMail’s all-in-one email encryption and registered mail can take away the worries of whether emails have been read and received in addition to being safe and secure. In addition, RSign, is an affordable and easy to use platform to complete e-signatures for clients that will greatly benefit agencies from a time and cost savings perspective.”

“It has been great being able to offer our members RPost products, with their world-class email encryption and security without the big price tag,” remarked Ryan Clifton, Member Services Specialist of the Western Insurance Agents Association. “It’s also so easy to use, and we’ve been so thrilled by the fact that RMail is HIPAA compliant. In addition, RSign, their web-based e-signature platform, can really fast track workflows and is full of great features.”

RPost’s new innovations, now available in its AI-infused RMail e-security and feature-rich and more affordable RSign e-signature services, are certainly essentials for today’s modern insurer,” added Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost.

The RMail mid-year release solves challenges for trainers by automating “in-the-moment” e-security training, which unobtrusively sensitizes users to e-security issues. Other innovative approaches will be unveiled including one that suppresses the ability of BCC recipients to reply-all, preventing forwards of sensitive elements of email, automating encryption to clients while automating sending Registered Email™ messages to opposing counsel, and more. All of these are accomplished with the simple RMail installation into Microsoft Outlook (no need for any server adjustments).

The RSign mid-year release continues to add innovative features, from the most mainstream use, making it the simplest for lawyers to get quick e-signoff without any document preparation step, to more obscure but essential to those in need. There will also be the ability to e-sign an approval on complex media files (spreadsheets, videos, medical images, etc.) while retaining the media files in their native formats and everything in between.