Legal Tech Top 4 New Features, Picked by LegalFuel of The Florida Bar at Optimize! 2021

June 28, 2021 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Legal Tech Top 4 New Features, Picked by LegalFuel of The Florida Bar at Optimize! 2021LegalFuel, the Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar, identified its top four new RMail features as some of the most innovative for lawyers at Optimize! 2021, RPost’s global user conference.

June 24, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA

A mid-year release for RPost’s e-security platform, RMail, with its award winning Registered Email™, email encryption, and e-signature services, were showcased at RPost’s June 17 virtual user conference. In the CLE credit session with Jonathon Israel, Director of Legal Fuel, the law practice management center of The Florida Bar, Israel highlighted his top four new RMail technologies for lawyers, as ones that solve long-held business challenges.

#1 – Security Challenge. How can you now easily sensitize staff to evolving email risks without having to train them (and train them again)?

Answer: RMail’s AI-infused “In-the-Moment” automated security training with the new RMail Recommends™ feature.

#2 – Most Elusive and Overlooked Privacy Issue. How can you now easily prevent recipients from replying to your encrypted email, exposing sensitive content in the email thread (without complicating things for recipients)?

Answer: The new RMail Redact Reply™ feature.

#3 – Confidently Know Your Recipient Did Not Forward Sensitive Parts of Your Email. How can you now easily make sensitive parts of your email disappear from inside the recipient’s email inbox before they click “forward”?

Answer: The new RMail Disappearing Ink™ feature.

#4 Don’t Reply-All. How to (finally) remove the blind copy recipient reply-all risk? You probably don’t particularly want all the recipients to know who you are blind copying. How can you now easily make it visible for BCC recipients to see who was copied on the email but remove potentially embarrassing moments when a BCC recipient deliberately or inadvertently replies-all?

Answer: The new RMail Double Blind CC™ feature.

(Watch the session with Jonathan Israel’s and, as a bonus, receive 1 CLE credit from The Florida Bar – click here. We’ll send the credit info to you automatically.)

“We find RPost’s existing product lineup to be extremely helpful to our attorneys and other legal professionals who are members of The Florida Bar. These new product enhancements are truly pioneering and innovative; just what modern lawyers need,” stated Israel prior to his session.

“The recognition from LegalFuel of The Florida Bar is a testament to the hard work our teams put in over the last years listening to client needs and creatively crafting never-been-done-before solutions into our worldwide RMail and RSign product lines,” states Zafar Khan, RPost CEO. “To The Florida Bar members, and lawyers and businesspeople everywhere, I want to say we’re here for you; we’re here to innovate for you. RMail and RSign are smarter, simply ready to make business better for you.”

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