Now Let’s Really Start The 2020s

Innovation-Driven Email Encryption and eSignature with RMail and RSign

January 25, 2021 / in Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Now Let’s Really Start The 2020s

2021 may now be well underway. The government is starting to drop more money from helicopters, potentially trillions more upon the trillions already. I am not sure what this means for the Bitcoin crowd (I won’t bore you with my speculation on this unless you ask…). But, we at RPost and Tech Essentials are a hopeful bunch, and as I wrote in an earlier Tech Essentials post, we believe that the decade of the 2020s (the single year 2020 aside) could be unusually prosperous as we recover from the pandemic—keep in mind that the 2020s technically didn’t begin until Jan 1 of this year.

The pandemic has unleashed technological breakthroughs that could have far-reaching consequences, which can increase productivity and life expectancy all over the world. This hopefulness has inspired us at RPost to innovate even faster. We love to think of better ways to do things and then build better for business into all of our products. It’s not easy to pioneer, but it is what our customers have come to expect from us. Here is a brief showcase of some of our “future-proof” innovations that are helping people everywhere keep business flowing and secure their (often somewhat disheveled kitchen and bedroom) offices.

With RMail® e-security. Check out our new RMail Recommends™ AI security automation enhancement — we promise it is an e-security game changer. In addition to automating privacy compliance, it acclimates users to the notion that certain email should be treated differently, due to time sensitivity, private nature of content, or potential interest the content may have to sophisticated Internet criminals. (Time to Upgrade: Check out the NEW RMail for Outlook Office 365)

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With RSign® eSignatures. With so many looking to do more with eSign, affordably, many of our “edge” features in RSign came into vogue with the bonus of RSign’s feature-richness, affordability at scale, flexible pricing, and more human-centric approach. Some of the most recent admired features are the use of RSign’s Easy-Guided-Signing, Templates, Sequential eSign, Bulk Send, RSign Extranet (for ultra-private processes like in healthcare and lending), and dynamic API for embedding RSign into applications. Check out our most popular new guided eSign features – customers love them! (What’s New & Cool: Top Three RMail & RSign Innovations)

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With Registered Email™ services. Have a look at our Digital Seal® impostor protection for important e-invoices so as to protect your recipients when they receive impostor email and fake invoices. (The Importance of Registered Receipt™ Legal Proof®).

Reflecting on the past year, I often think how fortunate we all are to be in this business where our products can make a difference in people’s work environments. We’re very excited to ride the upcoming wave of optimism towards newer and better products that will continue to impact people’s working lives, as we emerge from a strange year.

In the coming days we will issue a more comprehensive look at new trends in our industry as well as how we are planning to move forward into the new year and new decade with products that will continue to push the envelope of eSign and e-security technology automation. Hope feels good, doesn’t it?

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