AI Infused Data Leak Protection from RMail Recommends™

AI Infused Data Leak Protection from RMail Recommends™

December 27, 2021 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Top 5 (Blissful) Last Min Tech Gifts

You just woke up in cold sweat because you realized that you never bought holiday gifts for your cousins who love regulations, your forgetful uncle Jerry, your quick-minded aunt, your tech-savvy nieces and nephews, and of course something for you. Now shipping deadlines have passed, store shelves are barren, and inflation has made some of those must-have items 3x what they should cost. And forget about wrapping up those gifts, as there’s hardly any time left before Santa arrives.

What you need are great gifts that are a great value that can be had fast and without having to rummage through the last scraps of wrapping paper. That’s what we at Tech Essentials are here to tell you about. You’re going to be fine. Uncle Jerry is going to be fine, and he doesn’t have to know you read this article. Prepare for holiday bliss, as here are the Top 5 Last Minute Tech Gifts for 2021:

  1. For your cousin who is a stickler for rules and regulations, here is the gift of audit-ready privacy compliance proof. For those compliance-minded folks who want visibility (and proof) that a sensitive email was sent end-to-end encrypted, there’s Registered Encryption where encrypted emails that are sent receive a Registered Receipt record that serves as audit-ready proof of delivery, content, and timestamp, plus GDPR and HIPAA privacy compliance. RMail’s Registered Encryption service goes far beyond basic TLS and link-retrieval systems too, as it includes different levels of encryption that automatically adapt to the sensitivity of the message content.
  2. For your forgetful uncle Jerry, there’s RMail Recommends AI-infused data leak protection, which solves the problem of users forgetting about fully utilizing their e-security technology. Set up to run inside the Microsoft Outlook user interface, RMail Recommends uses advanced AI to detect in-the-moment-of-sending-email, whether or not the sender should be applying extra protections for that message and then applies them as needed (e.g., encryption).
  3. Of course, for your aunt who is always trying to do more faster, there is new AI that helps from mis-addressing email – accidently typing and sending email so fast, that one misreads email addresses that auto-populate; and ultimately send info to the wrong person. For her, there’s RMail’s Right Recipient data shield AI, which alerts the sender when RMail determines that he or she is about to send sensitive information to a recipient whom he or she has not sent sensitive information in the recent past. This gives the sender a moment to re-verify addresses to ensure they don’t send sensitive information accidentally to the wrong people.
  4. For those your business savvy nieces and nephews, who work often with electronic documents, you can bring them the gift of time. They can easily save time and achieve eSign bliss with RSign’s Templates feature where you can set documents up with all with pre-defined rules and then save the configured document or form as a template that is shareable with a team for reuse. (Note that RSign eSign web application has the most eSign set-up ease and flexibility.)
  5. Finally, for you, one who likes to reuse documents where some of the content changes with each send but the eSign and fill fields remain consistent (i.e., a purchase form where the order number changes but the approval fields remain consistent), RSign Rules makes a great gift too, for you. This makes use of eSign much more practical for your business’ operations.

Maybe the best news of all is that many of these gifts can be had with a single RMail or RSign subscription, and free subscriptions are still available through the holidays! Feel free to contact us to discuss

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So now you can relax with that eggnog by the fireplace because you know Uncle Jerry, who is notoriously hard to buy for, will light up knowing all the items on his 2021 holiday wish list will be under a virtual tree for him right on time.

Happy holidays from your friends at RPost.