RMail’s Secure Cloud Email Gateway Service Harmoniously Runs as The Final Outbound Email Hop

November 16, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Krankenhaus WermelskirchenRMail Email Encryption Elegance and Email Eavesdropping™ Detection Are the Main Reasons Why Customers with Other Email Security Gateway Servers Still Route Outbound Messages via RMail Gateway.

Zurich, Switzerland – November 16, 2022

RPost continues to attract new customers to Harmony™ — the configuration of RMail email security services running harmoniously with other email security gateway services or servers. These customers choose RMail as the final outbound email hop, even though they already have another email security gateway service or server, sometimes one that even includes some basic email encryption.

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Krankenhaus Wermelskirchen GmbH, a health care clinic in Germany, for example, had two other outbound security services, but neither met their requirement of a simple user experience for recipients outside of their existing encryption service plus delivery in a manner that the message remained secure even while inside the recipient’s inbox. “The uniqueness of RMail, the built-in demonstrated compliance record and the ease of its Harmony method of extending other email security services, checked all the boxes,” affirms Volker Sommerfeld, product manager of Frama Communications, the RPost partner that serviced this customer.

“We had a server that managed PKI key exchanges to encrypt email when we had the luxury of having the secret key of the recipient in our system – the problem was the lack of a solution for recipients who were not in possession of such keys. And, to make the situation untenable, for these other non-key messages, the email encryption offered by the other provider had a user experience at the recipient that was fraught with challenges,” states the IT-Director at the healthcare clinic Wermelskirchen. “We had Fortinet as well, primarily for inbound security but also for outbound data leak prevention. Even though we had these other two services – which we still have, for good reasons – we chose to invest in adding RMail. The RMail Gateway team was proficient in setting up complex email routing rules so that if there was not a secret encryption key exchange possible, the email would automatically route via RMail encryption. Perfect security bliss.”

“The customer needed first, assurance and proof of GDPR privacy compliance. RMail checked that box. They then needed encryption that remained private even while in the recipient inbox. RMail does that. Further, they needed to be sure that there was no requirement for special software to decrypt or read the email; no PDF readers, nothing. RMail meets that need. Finally, they needed a way to automate the decision on what to send encrypted via which service — their existing PKI key exchange or via RMail depending on complex rules. RMail excels there,” added Sommerfeld. “RMail simply meets all of our customers’ needs, from security, to compliance, to automation to, and arguably most importantly, Harmony – working well alongside our existing services.”

“Needs are changing. Email encryption must be used today in higher volume — and therefore the user experience matters more and more. Because of this, most of our RMail customers maintain what they are comfortable with their inbound anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-malware email security, and wrap RMail around these other services for a final outbound hop via RMail Gateway secure email gateway cloud service,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan.

“We’ve seen many RMail customers use RMail with services like Microsoft Exchange / Microsoft 365, Mimecast, Fortinet, Proofpoint, Barracuda, and other email security gateway services, primarily for the elegant user experience with RMail email encryption with its dynamically adapting message level security, plus its Registered Receipt™ tracking and proof of compliance,” adds Khan.

RMail Gateway secure email service can be configured for any email platform – from Microsoft to Gmail to Zimbra and more – or to harmoniously extend any other email security gateway.

RMail Gateway also includes Registered Email track and prove, eSignatures, email encryption that dynamically adapts to the recipient or security needs, Registered Encryption™ proof of privacy compliance, PRE-Crime™ intelligence for BEC and wire fraud protection, and Active Tracker™ email view location activity tracking.

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