Read Write Web: A New Cloud-Based Secure Email Solution from RPost

August 19, 2011 / in News / by RPost Marketing

esign email securityby David Strom – Read Write Web
We last wrote about secure file email and exchange products in May and next week there is a new entrant to the field with the launch of the RPost Cloud service. Like Voltage and PGP Universal, it sets up inside your existing Outlook or other email program the ability to send registered and encrypted emails to others who may not have any such security software installed.

What is different about RPost is that developers can take advantage of RPost’s APIs for data input, feature selection, product delivery, intelligence reporting and authentication. These APIs allow for SMTP or HTTPS interaction with the RPost Cloud, for all data inputs and outputs.

There is a free trial of the hosted service available on the company’s Web site above, which uses the same processes and code for the Cloud offering.