Simple and Secure Email Encryption Service

Simple and Secure Email Encryption Service

June 03, 2019 / in Encryption/Security / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Is FOMO Today’s Addiction?

LOL, LMAO, BRB, IMHO, OMG, BTW, FWIW, ILY, THX, JK. Ahhh, all of those elegant overused texting abbreviations that we all know.

What about FOMO?

FOMO or the “Fear of Missing Out” is that nagging feeling that you are not included in current trends or aren’t experiencing the same level of excitement that those around you are.

For those of the Snapchat generation, it is the lure that creates the urge to quickly open a new message, to see what is so important that the sender wants it to disappear. You want to look, otherwise you may miss out.

Why do you answer those calls on your mobile phone from unknown callers? Is it FOMO? You think it might be someone important, perhaps, and you fear you might miss out on some information. So you answer, only to be let down by listening to another robocall. Ugh.

Why not disable calls from unknown callers using the “do-not-disturb” feature in your phone? Sounds very attractive. I did this after reading about how you can make it so your phone ONLY accepts calls from people in your favorites or contacts. It worked great; until I realized all my favorite callers where showing on my phone but the phone did not ring, chirp or vibrate. As designed, it did not disturb. After missing many calls, that FOMO took over and I disabled the do-not-disturb feature. Welcome robocallers…

Try leaving your phone at home entirely. You won’t. FOMO.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; certainly there is no need to check in many times a day; unless of course you have FOMO.

For investors, it is the nagging feeling you get when deciding whether to invest in the latest $4 billion cybersecurity IPO; will you miss the opportunity to buy in now, or is it already too late? (FOMO?) Or perhaps the decision to invest in a pre-IPO company with great potential; is it too early or if I wait, will I miss out? (FOMO? click to learn more)

FOMO can get you to do more. But it can also cause you to think less.

What about trying to close a deal — or interact with an important client? Sometimes you bypass the extra steps to encrypt your message even though you know you should, as you don’t want to take extra time (or perhaps you fear your client or email recipient will not be able to figure out how to open the encrypted message). For FOMO, you quickly hit send; better not miss or delay the deal. You hold your breath and send the sensitive information unencrypted; like a postcard in plain text.

When it comes to security, Tech Essentials recommends you use an email encryption service that lets you get done what you need to, simply and securely, without FOMO.

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When it comes to closing deals faster, Tech Essentials recommends a simple and easy eSignature service that automates eSignatures to help close the transaction instantly, without FOMO.

Next time you get that nagging feeling that subconsciously causes you to pick up your phone to look to see if you have any messages, remind yourself it is just FOMO; it can wait. Try not to check. Perhaps only then will you realize that FOMO is one of today’s most intrusive powers.


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