RMail Gateway AI can Read Content in Emails and Now in Attachments too

RMail Gateway AI can Read Content in Emails and Now in Attachments Too

April 07, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Don’t move to that cabin in the woods just yet.

“If I have to read one more article or see one more talking head on TV rant about the coming AI apocalypse, about how the Terminator/Matrix movies are coming to reality, about how my job will disappear as soon as next week, I’ll move to a cabin in the woods!” This quotation has been uttered en masse all year long, in some form or another, and most recently by Taylor Swift (kidding).

Yes, we are obviously entering an era of tremendous change and potential. Economist Paul Krugman of The New York Times recently wrote that the changes soon to be wrought by AI could surpass the disruption that we all experienced with the internet over the last 25+ years. (This, however, could be a comparatively low bar, as economic productivity studies have shown that the introduction of the simple washing machine in the mid 20th century has enabled more productivity than the internet.)

The unknown is known to drive some people up the wall in terms of dire predictions, but instead of fear mongering around AI, we’d like to present a case for how we at RPost are doing our part to steer and use AI towards real good and real productivity increases that do not mean people will be back on bread lines. 

As we announced yesterday (read our recent news here) we have made RMail Gateway smarter, with new AI that can read content in emails and now, importantly, in attachments. Rather than having our AI talk back to you, we’ve decided to simply let it do its thing – it can now make decisions on which email must be sent encrypted for privacy compliance, double encrypted for secrecy, tracked for proof of delivery, or actively monitored at the recipient and beyond for cybercriminal eavesdropping --- all based on what the RMail AI reads in these messages. And just like Chat GPT, RMail AI does not retain any message content. When will these enhancements launch? They already did! 

Yes, RMail Gateway AI can now read content that is in a wide variety of formats, including content in message bodies, headers, and now in attachment file formats including all forms of DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, PDF, among others.

As you may know, we’ve been focused on building security-centric AI into our RMail products for some time now, and we’re pleased to report that you’re able to benefit from these learnings, in addition to the wave of content-reading-and-learning AI, by enabling our RMail Gateway offering. Based on what RMail Gateway AI internalizes, it can decide how best to deliver, secure, encrypt, track outbound messages. It will even—in a split second—slog through more bland insurance, legal, finance, or medical documents and make security-centric decisions automatically. Below we have a chart that hopefully simplifies the process:

(Important note: for GDPR, Swiss FINMA, and other legal considerations, customers in Europe can opt for dedicated Europe-based infrastructure that is entirely isolated from rest-of-world processing infrastructures.)

RMail Gateway and its advanced AI can be set up in minutes. RPost provides white glove customer onboarding led by RPost cybersecurity experts, for customers directly or for MSPs. RMail and RMail Gateway AI are additionally available with automated provisioning through the Ingram Micro Global Cloud in more than 20 international regions.

And here’s a fun aside: We’re looking to give our new AI a fun name—a la Bard (by Google) and GPT (by Open AI / Microsoft). Please let us know your thoughts  and if you have a name we could use. If we wind up using it, there will be a special discount for you. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more about RMail Gateway and how it can lead to genuinely good things for you and your company.