Entering a Wave of Cybercriminal Impostor Chaos the World Has Never Seen

Entering a Wave of Cybercriminal Impostor Chaos the World has Never Seen

May 24, 2024 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Armand in Scotland at Night.

Armand here, RPost’s Armadillo product evangelist, hailing this week from wet and rainy Scotland (it rained a lot this week!). I’m here at the Association of Corporate Counsel Europe annual conference, discussing cyber-risk and sharing step-by-step how cybercriminals are orchestrating their attacks. The attacks often trick humans into mis-directing funds (business email compromise, supplier fraud, invoice fraud, staffing fraud, funds transfer fraud, wire fraud, etc.) or build a lure for more mischief like ransomware locking of essential files.

Rather than explain in detail here what we’ve been presenting in Scotland, I’d like to invite you to a webinar where we (RPost) will discuss how cybercriminals are powering up their approach with new tools and the latest in GenAI. They are powering up so much, that we predict we’ll soon be entering a phase of cybercriminal impostor chaos that the world has never seen.

In this session, JP Paquette, an intelligence analyst (former) from the U.S. National Security Agency, and Zafar Khan, CEO, RPost will provide a futurist (not way in the future but in the future this year) perspective of what the world will look like considering the abilities of AI to digitally “clone” you, your supplier seller, your customer buyer, your client, your mentor, your hero, or your adversary and present real-world examples of AI use by the dark side in ways that it will create chaos for YOU, and how you can use it to eavesdrop on the cybercriminal activities. 

Register for this session on May 28th even if you cannot make it, so we can share the recording. Click here to register to join live or receive the recording.

AI Session: Entering a Wave of Cybercriminal Impostor Chaos the World Has Never Seen