Eavesdrop on the Cybercriminal Eavesdroppers

See the Unseen: Eavesdrop on the Cybercriminal Eavesdroppers

May 17, 2024 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

We’re at the Beginning of a Wave of Cybercriminal Impostor Chaos that the World Has Never Seen.

Armand here, with my AI generated clone, back with the Oracle of Omaha. We’re here to discuss today, what is coming right now…

We’re in the middle of a cybercrime transition. If I were to say, imagine if cybercriminals cloned YOU and started speaking to your clients via web meetings with your voice, face, and natural facial tics. And, imagine if they (posing as you) just jumped in at the end of a litigation settlement or acquisition of a property looking, moving and sounding as YOU, saying, “Great news, the deal is done. You’ll need to send money now for the initial payment to lock it in. Let’s get this done today to be safe. Here’s the wire instructions – I’ll send a short email right after we get off. Gotta run, drop me an email after you do the transfer…”

Would your clients fall for it?


Most are not aware that the above impostor scenario can today be conducted with some trivial (vastly complex technology underlying but trivial for cybercriminals to employ) tools readily available to them.

After all, they (your team and clients) are almost falling for fairly rudimentary phishing schemes today with just email formatted prose and lookalike domains. Really, how would they not fall for the above and send the money (to the cybercriminals)?

As Warren Buffet remarked at his recent annual meeting: "Obviously, AI has potential for good things too, but based on the one [deep fake scam] I saw recently, I practically would send money to myself over and over to some crazy country.” Buffet went on to say, referring to AI-enabled scamming, “It’s going to be the growth industry of all time.”

To recap, it all starts with getting into one’s email account using cybercriminal underworld services like EvilProxy. Then the cybercriminals write emails in your exact style, tone, and language – any language – using GenAI tools like FraudGPT. Finally, as we discussed with the example of Microsoft’s AI VASA-1 project, they can use the latest AI for real-time voice and face replication tools as the call-back verification meeting, where the fake lookalike you says, “Yes, please send that four hundred and twenty three thousand dollars like we discussed by email, for the deal closing. By the way, we ought to send it now to lock it in.”

The only way to nip this is to catch it early, while the cybercriminals are gathering their intel from snooped email of your content sitting in the compromised email accounts of your recipients or THEIR colleagues when they forward your email along.

The only way to See the Unseen™ – who is accessing the thread of your email traveling out in the ether, or better said, to Eavesdrop on the Cybercriminal Eavesdroppers™, is to use RPost’s Eavesdropping AI™ technology.

A note for your team – don’t be confused by the lineup of features in Microsoft or other email security solutions -- neither Microsoft E5 nor any other security gateway company offers this patented and patent pending solution. Only RPost.

Don’t wait. Every day opens more risk. And remember, we’re just at the beginning of a wave of cybercriminal impostor chaos that the world has never seen.

Learn more by watching our legal technology association (ILTA) webinar (re-live it here).