Aragon Research Selected RPost as the Hot Vendor of the Year for eSignatures and Digital Transaction Management

Aragon Research Selected RPost as the Hot Vendor of the Year for eSignatures and Digital Transaction Management

September 08, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

What makes a “Hot” eSign Vendor “Hot” rather than “Hlēow”?

The next time you’re having a bad day (traffic, spilled coffee, didn’t get your full 8 hours of sleep, mixed up food delivery order), just think of what life was like for those living centuries ago in, say, medieval England. To quote the English philosopher, Hobbes, life then was “nasty, brutish, and short.” And this is coming from a guy who lived when indoor plumbing hadn’t been invented yet. 

Life expectancy for the average, non-land-owning medieval person was around 27 years! Even if you managed to live like (or be) a king, you were only going to add five or so years onto this expectancy. There are two not-too-surprising culprits for this: war and disease.

Yes, we still have plenty of war and disease going on in 2023, but these are fairly limited in scope and reach compared to what the average medieval person would experience. War touched nearly every person back then (there was the 100 Years War that raged between England and France), and disease was much more lethal and widespread. The Black Death of the mid-14th century wiped out almost half of Europe.

What made disease so much worse in that time was the fact that it was so darned cold everywhere. A small hearth fire was all that could keep families warm through months of brutal winters, and it’s not like anyone had any of those North Face down jackets. Heat was a life-sustaining luxury then that most of us consider now as an afterthought. Think about that the next time you wrestle with your co-worker over the office thermostat! 

So, it’s with heat in mind that we at RPost are pleased to report that we were selected by one of the leading tech analysts, Aragon Research, as Hot Vendor of the Year for eSignatures and digital transaction management. In Part II of Aragon Research’s Hot Vendors for 2023 report, Aragon Research selected RPost as one of two eSignature / Digital Transaction Management vendors that are making an impact in the market as the most noteworthy, visionary, and innovative.

Medieval life was very much about tradeoffs: cheaper land vs. lower life expectancy, cleaner air vs. terrible roads. So, I would ask you: Would you prefer to work with an eSign provider that is fully integrated into Office 365, iManage, NetDocuments, Gmail, Caret, and with Google, Microsoft and AzureAD SSO?

Or would you prefer to focus on an eSign provider that declares in its manifesto a commitment to feature-richness, security and privacy compliance, the highest levels of legalities, and an elegant user and admin experience?

Or perhaps you’d like to show off to your teams that you found an eSign provider that is friendlier to work with and costs less than half of what other large eSign vendors charge so you and they don’t need to ration or share user licenses?

With RSign, you’ll get ALL of this thanks to 21st century technology! If you choose to work with us, you can forego any future discomfort in being stuck with a “Hlēow” provider. (For the curious, “hlēow” is Old English for lukewarm).

And it gets better! As a testament to RPost’s service friendliness, if you are in an existing contract with another provider, we’ll even provide a “buyout” option that lets you ramp up RSign economically while your other provider fades out over whatever months are remaining. Plus, we’ve teams standing by to help you migrate any templates and create great automation rules. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more about RSign, an eSignature platform so hot that I think it could have raised medieval life expectancy by at least 20 years or at least saved squires a ton on parchment costs 🤔.