RPost Spring “R-Tour of Regions” Showcases New Tech that Attacks Today’s Latest Data Leak Vectors 

April 28, 2023 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Spring “R-Tour of Regions” Showcases New Tech that Attacks Today’s Latest Data Leak VectorsRPost teams are fanning out across the Americas, Europe, and Asia for its Spring “R-Tour of Regions” to meet with clients across industry to showcase RPost’s newest tech that attacks the latest cybercriminal trickery and data leak vectors. 

April 28, 2023: Los Angeles, CA 

This cybersecurity-centric customer tour centers on RPost’s newer RMail data leak prevention and active threat hunting tech as well as its latest RDocs content kill and control for distributed documents and advancements in RSign enterprise-grade secure e-signatures with new e-ID and other authentication integrations.

The Tour of Regions kicked off this week with RPost executives meeting in the financial and pharmaceutical hubs of India, speaking at the largest customer IT security and digital transformation executive conferences for the Indian banking, insurance, pharma, and biotech industries in Mumbai and Hyderabad; in addition to RPost’s Ingram Micro India partner workshop for managed services providers.

Following in May, RPost executives speak at and hold customer appreciation events at the largest international legal technology security conference in the Baltimore/Washington area; the largest US insurance conference in Austin, Texas; the largest integrated real estate services providers conference in Lake Tahoe, California, and two of the largest international technology distribution conferences in Las Vegas, Nevada. In parallel, RPost teams in the United Kingdom are sponsoring events in the insurance and human resources sectors. And in June, RPost executives will be meeting with partners and financial services customers with a Latin American focus in Panama and neighboring countries. 

“We in IT security are often too quick to think about three different legs of email security based on the message flow— (1) inbound, (2) in-the-inbox, and (3) outbound. But there’s a new leg to consider based on today’s cybercriminal tactics: (4) extending sender security to protect sender data at the recipient,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “Our customers and partners have been delighted to see how we’ve continued to innovate for them, with services that they’ve told us provides them insights about anomalous data patterns that identify cybercrimes in process, after the hook is in; and empowers them to pro-actively pre-empt the steal.”

For many companies, for “inbound” security, Microsoft and others do a fine job with the traditional anti-virus, anti-spam, and some of the other newfound risk protections. Traditional “outbound” DLP filters like those provided by Microsoft and others are often today a staple of email flow to block inappropriate content from sending.

Where RPost excels, and provides unique additive email security services, is tackling the email path “in-the-inbox”, “outbound in-transit”, and “at-the-recipient”.

  • In-the-Inbox: New technologies like RMail Recommends™ AI-centric email encryption and RMail’s Lookalike Domain™ and Reply-Hijack™ alerts provide users with real-time tips while they are composing and sending that pre-empts mis-sends-in-progress after the user clicks send but before the message is actually sent.
  • Outbound In-Transit: RMail adds more elegant email encryption experiences that dynamically adapt for the benefit of the recipient; with legal and audit-ready proof of fact of encrypted compliant delivery.

“When it comes to email encryption, our customers tell us that happy email encryption recipients mean happy senders that then send more encrypted; and happy senders mean no support calls,” adds Khan.

  • At-the-Recipient: RMail Email Eavesdropping™ alerts provide visibility as to whether email that has been received in a recipient inbox outside of one’s network has been compromised and is actively being eavesdropped on by cybercriminals; and RDocs™ remote control kill switch for documents empowers you to kill mis-sent documents (or documents that have served a useful life and should be killed) after they’ve been received, shared, uploaded, downloaded, or wherever they may be.

“RPost exceeded our expectations and turned our wish list into a reality. With RPost's advanced eavesdropping technology, Shaddock National Holdings now has a crucial new tool in our arsenal to detect and thwart wire fraud attempts before they can cause any harm,” adds Jeff Richardson, CIO of Shaddock National Holdings, one of the largest privately held title insurance companies. “This groundbreaking feature was not available from any other email encryption vendor, making RPost the ideal choice to partner with.”

In this tour of regions, RPost teams will share the theme: “RMail & Microsoft, Better Together”. The email security features RMail includes either do not overlap with Microsoft services or, as RMail specializes in particular functions, provides a better user experience. 

“We are thrilled to have found such a forward-thinking and innovative partner in RPost, who has transformed our email encryption strategy and provided us with a game-changing solution to protect our business and customers," adds Richardson. 

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