RPost Adds New Security Automation, APCC Top Choice

December 11, 2018 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Adds New Security Automation, APCC Top Choice

RPost simplifies total email security, now with a hosted security gateway solution. Customers, especially small businesses, have all of the email threats and compliance requirements of enterprises, but fewer IT staff and smaller tech budgets.

With RMail Security Gateway, now with full service hosted options, business IT staff can simply change an email routing rule and all of their email will have market leading threat protection, data leak prevention, and rules to trigger all or certain messages to be sent via RMail; automatic encryption, RPX AES encryption, certified e-delivery proof, or for recipient e-signoff.

“As technologies advance and threats get ever more sophisticated, encrypting email for privacy compliance is not getting simpler. In fact, it is getting more complicated,” states Steve Anderson, an insurance technology expert & LinkedIn influencer with more than 330 thousand followers.  “Not all TLS is created equal. Not all email one thinks is going by TLS, in fact is transmitted securely.”

Insurance agencies, for example, rely on RMail automatic encryption to detect this simplest, secure transmission to each recipient; with each message returning auditable proof of privacy compliance. Now, agency administrators can simply click an option in a web-tool to enable all messages to be sent via RMail encryption, whether sent from an agency management system, or from their email service.

“RMail consistently makes email life easier for business people. Easy, secure, simple, automatic,” adds Anderson. “And, RMail Security Gateway is just another way that RPost does it. RMail Security Gateway is a great option for total encryption automation.”

RMail Security Gateway automates email security with advanced email encryption for privacy compliance, inbound and outbound threat protection, data loss prevention, and more. It includes proof of privacy compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.), with email tracking, certified e-delivery proof, and e-sign productivity built-in. It is the simplest to use, most affordable full featured total security solution for email and documents; fully hosted, completely managed.

“RMail SG furthers our mission to think of security in line with productivity. Services should make it easier to do business, all the while focusing on ensuring underlying security and compliance needs are covered,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan.

Users report adding RMail SG to make it easy to send encrypted from mobile phones, by adding the word ‘encrypt’ to the subject – in particular in the legal sector. Others prefer to create rules to automatically send encrypted to certain recipients, based on message content, or when from certain senders, when privacy compliance is a concern.

RMail has been identified as a top choice for privacy compliance by leading organizations like the Association for Professional Compliance Consultants.

Interested in GDPR Compliance? Download the GDPR Privacy Compliance Guide Here.