National Oil Company in the Persian Gulf Deploys RMail Registered Email Inside Outlook M365 for Legal Email Proof

February 09, 2023 / in News / by RPost Marketing

National Oil Company in the Persian Gulf Deploys RMail Registered Email inside Outlook M365 for Legal Email ProofRPost’s RMail Registered Email service deployed with a unique enterprise configuration for tracking and proof of critical international oil transaction-related comms.

Zurich, Switzerland – February 9, 2023

One of the world’s large national oil companies bordering the Persian Gulf selected RPost’s RMail Registered Email™ service to provide tracking, proof, certification, and authentication for critical international oil-related email communications. This RMail Registered Email™ service has been relied upon for its internationally court-accepted Legal Proof® evidence for two decades in more than 190 countries.

For this customer, the RMail Registered Email™ service was uniquely deployed using the RMail for Outlook app with a specialized enterprise configuration, in a manner that built the functionality into the user’s normal email send experience yet did not need to alter any core messaging infrastructure.

“We’ve been supporting so many types of customers with so many unique requirements for years, the good news is, we’re sure to have switches and configurations that can support any imaginable enterprise business requirements,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “In this case, the client’s obscure requirements were just a setting away; simplifying deployment with a specially configured RMail app installation into Microsoft Outlook.”

Critically, with this use case, the customer required the RMail system to treat internal email and external email differently, even if both categories of recipients were part of the same email send. In the same send, internal email would not be transformed or specially processed, while the external recipients would receive the Registered Email™ message. The returned Registered Receipt™ legal evidence of who sent what to whom and when received, reports the timestamped proof of content delivered for the external recipients.

“One of the reasons this large oil company selected RMail, is not only for our two decades of legal precedent as the standard for email proof, but also, importantly, for our commitment to client support and easy deployments inside complex security-centric global IT infrastructures,” adds Zeeshan Syed, RPost regional enterprise business manager. “We’re here for our customer everywhere, to make it easy for their operational support and security staff to execute on their internal missions to improve secure communications.”

RMail for FinTech has been used for many years for its combination of proof and privacy, with easy user experiences, across not only financial services companies of all sizes and types, but also for financial transaction notifications in companies in all industries, including in the some of the world’s largest energy, oil, and gas companies.

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