Optimize 2020

E-Sign & E-Security: Netherlands Country Perspective

E-Sign and E-Security tools and tips from experts and your peers in The Netherlands / BENELUX Live session only, not recorded.

Moderator: RPost Netherlands


  • Allianz: Global insurance provider explains reliance on Registered Email™ track & trace capability for highest level of forensic, authenticatable proof of e-delivery.
    • Natasja Voorsluijs, MSc Forensic Criminology, Data Analyst
  • Acuity: Accountancy customer management system, Tess, based on Salesforce.com.
    • Ronald Dekkers, Technical Director
  • Staedion: Housing cooperative, user of the Visma product for human resource functions.
    • Mohammed Zizaoui, Functional Administrator
  • Credifin: Receivables management and collections agency.
    • Andreas Lokin, Director
  • Thuiszorg West Brabant: A home care organization that provides appropriate care and support so that our clients can live longer and safely in their familiar environment.

Glenn van Bavel, I&A Specialist