Messaging Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Messaging Analytics and Advanced Reporting

October 31, 2012 / in Blog, General / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

RPost now permits sending messages and documents to lists with no minimum volumes and no monthly recipient address commitments.

Sent items may be email message body text or email messages with attached documents in:

1. Plain text

2. Formatted HTML

3. Encrypted message and documents

4. Encrypted documents

5. Messages set to record recipient replies or recipient signoff

6. Documents set to record recipient replies or recipient signatures

7. PDF forms set to capture fillable data and signatures, extract data into XML files

Senders may route the messages and documents for processing using RPost apps, special connectors (for SAP, and other systems), re-route via SMTP, or transmit for processing using RPost web services APIs.

Senders receive delivery analytics and records as:

(a) aggregate reports

(b) real-time message receipts with delivery metrics in XML format for easy import into existing process databases, ERP and CRM systems;

(c) with options to returning certified reports, records, and audit trails for later authentication on demand, or court-admissible proof.

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