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How-To Use Transmission Level Encryption Feature in RMail

This video focuses on the RMail transmission encrypted feature. The feature transmits the message encrypted using a configurable level of TLS and auto decrypts the email and attachments on the recipients end without any password. If the recipient’s email does not have TLS or has a lower level TLS then the minimum TLS threshold, the email will automatically revert to the message level encryption option. With transmission Level encryption the email will be sent encrypted right to the recipient’s inbox without the need to input any password and with a banner that says Registered Encrypted email. Under the banner is text letting the receiver know that the email was sent encrypted, as well as an option to reply to the email encrypted. the link to reply encrypted takes you to secure, pre addressed and composed page where the recipient can reply to the sender up to 5 times per envelope and where attachments can be added.

Step-by-Step Instructions

RMail Transmission Level Encryption feature can be used by following the simple steps.

Step 1. Compose an email, press the Send Registered button and check the Encrypt box. Select the Transmission Level radio button.

Step 2. Email contains the Registered email marking in the subject and a banner with the text ‘Registered Message Encrypted’. To view the message and attachment, the senders simply opens the attached encrypted PDF & inserts the password. The email body appears in the PDF & the attachments maybe viewed by clicking the embedded attachment or clicking the Attachments button. This will open a new tab on the web browser where the password must be entered again for the added security before the downloading the files from the secured RMail File Share portal.

Step 3. The recipient may reply securely if needed by pressing the ‘Secure Reply’ button for bidirectional encryption. When this button is pressed, a new tab in the web browser opens up to a pre-addressed composed page back to the sender. This Secure Reply feature maybe used up to 5 times/ envelope and attachments maybe added to cumulative attachment size up to 100MB.

Step 4. Finally the recipient may optionally confirm the email was read to make the sender aware. When the Confirm Read button is pressed, the original sender will receive the email confirmation.