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RMail Right Recipient Settings

In this video, we will review the RMail Right Recipient settings in the RMail app for Microsoft Outlook. There are two options to access these settings:

1. From the “RMail settings” under Outlook’s File menu.
2. From the new email compose page.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The three sections in the Right Recipient settings tab include the ‘Data Shield’ feature that can be enabled or disabled through a check box, the ‘Verified Recipient’ list, and ‘Enabled For’ options for encryption.

  • When you check the Data Shield option under the Right Recipient, it gives you a moment to re-verify addresses to ensure you don’t send sensitive information accidentally to the wrong people.
  • RMail marks your frequently used email addresses as verified and the Right Recipient alert will not pop up when you email them unless a new address is detected. View Verified Recipients option allows you to view and confirm all such verified recipients while the Clear Verified Recipients will clear all the recipients’ data from the list. You have the option to set a time to refresh this list every 30, 60, 90, 100, or 365 days. Alternatively, you can ask for the right recipient prompt for every user by selecting the Continuous option from the dropdown.
  • Use the Enabled For option to choose if you want to show your emails as Encrypted, Registered Marked, and Registered Unmarked, as well as enable for eSign and File Share.

Accessing the Outlook Right Recipient settings.

Option 1: Click ‘File’ and scroll down to select “RMail settings.” Choose the “Right Recipient” option from the settings window.

Option 2: Click the “Send Registered RMail” icon from the top-left corner of your Outlook window, then click the settings button in the feature dialog box and select the “Right Recipient” option.