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Customer Success Story

Electronic Signature and Email Encryption

Bob Schackner, Director of Competitive Edge Services at Renaissance Alliance Group, chose RMail® to eliminate the process of printing, hand signing, scanning, and emailing or faxing documents back. RMail® email encryption enables Renaissance Alliance Group to be in full compliance with data security and privacy laws. Travel demands are a part of Mr. Schackner’s role, so he uses RMail® app downloaded onto his iPad to sign contracts remotely and electronically.

Summary of Benefits

Renaissance Alliance Group is an elite coalition of independent agencies, insurers, and services with over 80 member agencies. In his role as Director of Competitive Edge Services, Bob Schackner chose RMail® to reduce administrative burdens on Renaissance Alliance Group’s members and provide them with a platform that’s let them perform their core function: to sell insurance. According to Mr. Schackner, it just makes perfect sense to use RMail® if an organization has to deal with secure email or contracts that require eSignatures.