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RMail Recommends Settings

This video will review the RMail Recommends Settings in the RMail® App for Microsoft Outlook. The Recommends Feature uses predictive technologies at the point of sending to recommend or require users to send with RMail protections.

When the Outlook send button is pressed in the RMail app, RMail Recommends detects certain configurable criteria in one or more components of the message. The RMail Recommends popup will appear, reminding the user to use the RMail service.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To view the settings, you have two options:

Option 1: From the inbox, press ‘File’, then ‘RMail Settings’.

Option 2: From the feature dialog box, press the ‘Settings’ button.

The way the RMail Recommends feature works is when the RMail app detects certain configurable criteria in one or more components of the message, the RMail Recommends popup will appear. In the case when the send button is pressed, RMail recommends that you encrypt the message using the RMail transmission encryption feature.

The user can send using the encryption feature by pressing ‘OK’ or opt to send a regular email with the radio button, or they may disable or snooze the option for different periods of time.

The settings for the RMail Recommends service are as follows:

  1. The first is to opt in by checking which feature or features you would like to enable the RMail recommends feature to look for: Track & Prove, Encrypt, eSign or SideNote.
  2. The second option is to always send an email using the RMail service when sent to certain addresses or domains. To set this up, the first is to select what RMail feature you would like to use, and the second is to put an address or domain and add it. Once this is complete, any email sent will automatically be sent encrypted using the RMail encryption transmission method.

Please note that your administrator has the ability to override the settings in the app. If the setting is not behaving as expected, please contact your administrator.

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