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RMail Recommends Feature

In this video we’re going to be reviewing the RMail® Recommends feature. On a typical business day employees can receive hundreds of emails. Many of those emails are important and need to be encrypted. And while the RMail service provides the send registered button, there are instances were a user may forget to send important emails encrypted. That’s where the RMail Recommend feature comes in. When users forget to send email registered, for track and prove, or for eSign, RMail detects this and prompts the user with a recommendation to track the email, send email for signature or send the email registered.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: If sender sends an email without using the ‘Send Registered’ button then the RMail recommends feature will activated.

Step 2: The feature will create a pop up window recommending the user to send an email: registered, for track and prove, or for eSignature.