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RMail Outlook Track & Prove Settings

In this video we will review the RMail track and prove settings in the RMail app for Microsoft Outlook. There are two options to access settings. From the inbox press file, then click ‘RMail Settings’. The second option is from the featured dialog box where you can click on the settings button in the bottom right corner. The two sections in the Track and Prove settings tab appear as: ‘Proof Records’ and ‘Unmarked Options’. The first option in the ‘Proof Records’ section is to receive an acknowledgement email confirming processing of a message. The second option is to save registered receipt emails in a separate folder under the inbox named ‘Registered Receipts’. The first option for the ‘Unmarked Options’ is to allow the option to send Registered Email messages without the banner. The second option is to preselect the Unmarked option by default.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Accessing the Outlook track and Prove settings.

Option 1: Click ‘File’ then scroll down to click the RMail settings and select the Track and Prove header under the settings window.

Option 2: Click send registered receipt, click the settings button in the feature dialog box and click ‘Track and Prove’.