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RMail Outlook Signature Pad Settings

This video will review the RMail Outlook Signature Pad Settings in the RMail® App for Microsoft Outlook. The Signature Pad feature allows users to add their scripted signature, time and date stamp to the bottom of emails as a way to sign their emails.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To view the settings, you have two options:

Option 1: From the inbox, press ‘File’, then ‘RMail Settings’.

Option 2: From the feature pop-up, press the ‘Settings’ button.

The signature box is located on the feature pop-up by clicking “More” in the bottom right corner. This expands the pop-up to show more options, where a text box appears under ‘RPost Ink Sign email and PDF attachments”.

In the RMail Settings pop-up, the Signature Pad settings include:

Enable the option to add your signature to Registered Emil messages: When checked, this will enable the feature in the feature pop-up.

Sign all Registered Email messages with saved signature: When checked, this will sign all RMail® messages with your signature.

To add your signature there are two options:

Option 1: Select ‘Draw your signature’, then press ‘Expand’ and script your name with your mouse, then press ‘Save’.

Option 2: Upload your signature by pressing ‘Browse’, choosing the file from your computer, and saving it.

To add your signature to the email, simply press the ‘Add’ button on the extended feature pop-up page prior to pressing ‘Send’ on the feature pop-up.

The Registered Email™ will have your signature located at the bottom of the text along with your name, your email address, and the time and date stamp from when the email was transmitted.