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RMail Outlook Encrypt Settings

This video will review the RMail® encryption settings for the outlook app. The encryption options are as followed: the first option is a check box to enable the encrypt option. When checked, the encrypt option becomes available. The second checkbox is to preselect the SecuRMail encryption option by default. When selected, the encrypt option is selected by default when the ‘Send Registered’ button is pressed. Senders can select by default to send ‘Transmission Level’ encryption, which auto decrypts, or, ‘Message Level’ encryption, which decrypts with password. If Message Level encryption is selected by default in settings, users can decide to set a default password, or a randomly generated password.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Accessing the Outlook Encrypt settings.

Option 1: Click ‘File’, then scroll down to click the RMail settings and select the ‘Encrypt’ header under the settings window.

Option 2: Click ‘Send Registered’, then click the settings button in the feature dialog box and click ‘Encrypt’.