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RMail Online Sending App and its Features

The RMail® Online Sending App has various features in the web-based full featured compose page. Track & Prove for proof of delivery with Registered Receipt emails. Encryption for sending email securely as well as for compliance. electronic signature for quickly signing off on documents. File Sare for sending larger files. SideNote® for privately adding a note only visible to those copied on an email. Register Reply to record the reply to an RMail® message as a registered message. Add attachments to an email by dragging and dropping a file or uploading from the computer. Other features include saving as drafts for future use and configurable settings.

Summary of Features and Benefits

From the Apps marketplace, begin by clicking the ‘Click Here to Get Started’ button.

A new tab will open, where you can create an account by clicking the ‘Create An Account’ button. Or if you already have an account, then simply press the ‘Login’ button.

After logging in with your username and password, you are brought to a full featured compose page with all of the RMail features such as:

  • The RMail® Track & Prove service for proof of delivery, content and time, either marked with a Registered Email™ banner or unmarked.
  • Email Encryption for sending emails and documents privately and securely or for compliance.
  • RMail® eSignature for getting documents signed off quickly, and a shortcut to the RSign® full featured web-based electronic signature service by pressing the RSign button.
  • File Share, where you can send documents with a cumulative size of up to 1 GB.
  • SideNote®, where you can add a private note only visible to the ‘Cc’ and/or ‘Bcc’ recipients.
  • Register Reply to record your replies as a Registered Email message and you can add a client or reference code for email management.
  • To add attachments, simply drag and drop the attachment in the proper location or click the link to upload from your computer.
  • As it’s a web-based compose page, it is not linked to the mail client, so you can select the ‘Copy Me’ checkbox so that you can receives a copy of the email you inbox. Other options include saving documents as drafts for sending emails out in the future, and there are many settings available to set and configure the sender’s and receiver’s experience.