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RMail Language Settings

This video will review the RMail Language Settings in the RMail® App for Microsoft Outlook.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To view the settings, you have two options:

Option 1: From the inbox, press ‘File’, then ‘RMail Settings’.

Option 2: From the feature dialog box, press the ‘Settings’ button.

There are two language options:

  1. The first is the Language option of the Outlook app for Microsoft Outlook that is called the Button Language. Click the drop down, select the language, and the RMail app will be in the selected language.
  2. The second language option is the RMail Service Language. Click the drop down, select the language, and the Rail Service will be in the language that you selected. This means the banners, the receipts, and other information sent to the recipient will be in this new language. When the language is set to RPortal, it means that the language will be set from within the RPortal and will override what settings you have under Service Language.

Please note that your administrator has the ability to override the settings in the app. If a setting is not behaving as expected, please contact your administrator.

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