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RMail: E-Paper E-Sign Feature

RMail E-Paper is an electronic signature service that does not require any document preparation — it simply lets users compose an email, attach any document, and send for recipient electronic signature.

The RMail E-Paper Feature is called “E-Paper” because the recipient eSigning experience is just like pen-on-paper. The recipient simply clicks a “View & Sign” button in an email invitation to eSign, and they are then brought to a new tab on their browser with the document visible as an image in their web browser, available to annotate and eSign, just as they would do with paper. The signer may script, draw, type or add text to the document free form right in their browser, using simple mouse and keystrokes. An auditable and verifiable control record is returned to the sender in the form of the Registered Receipt email proof of delivery record, and the RMail eSignature Certificate.

Step-by-Step Instructions

RMail E-Paper is an electronic signature service that lets users compose an email, attach a document, and send for recipient e-signature right from their Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or other email programs; or automated from a variety of applications.

Step 1: Compose an email, attach any prepared document or multiple documents that you would like the recipients to review & sign.

Step 2: Press the Send Registered button, check the eSignature box and select the E-Paper feature. The default RMail electronic signature feature is E-Paper. (Select any additional options like encrypt or sequential eSign.)

Step 3: The recipient receives an email inviting them to view & sign the document. They simply press the View & Sign button, which opens a new tab in their web browser. They see a quick eSignature instruction page and then they can review and eSign the document.

Step 4: There are 3 input methods –
a) Signer may draw on the document or script their signature with their mouse, finger or input device.
b) Signer may type or sign their name in the signature box.
c) Signer may add text to the document where needed.

Step 5: Once the signer is done, they press the finish button which brings them to the final touchpad screen where they may enter their name, signature and other fields before the documents return signed to all parties. After this, the signer presses the Click To Sign button. After everybody has signed, email is returned to all parties & attached to it is the signed document.